Docetaxel experiences please

Hi I’m m starting my first T (docetaxel) next Wednesday with herceptin jab on Tuesday. Anyone out there had a better experience with this chemo than FEC ? I am dreading this one as I have heard the side effects are worse than the FEC and any tips for sleeping better without sleeping tablets, I have some form the go but they aren’t working very well. Thanks x

Hi Hazel. I have not had FEC , I am having Docetaxel x 6 together with Herceptin and pertuzamab and have had 3 already. I have had very few side effects and those I have have been very manageable. So feel very fortunate.

 Main one was diarrhoea on the first one, didn’t know how to treat it as never usually suffer from this problem. Onc told me to use imodium type tablets (used the instants )after the first 2 episodes and then each time it happens again until it stops and this has sorted the problem.

Get very tired and so sleep a lot but no problem as no children to worry about. Don’t sleep well on days I take steroids but that is just 2 on days of treatment seem to be able to get some sleep because of not sleeping night before and long day at hospital. Use Rescue Remedy Nighttime to help sleep and lavender oil on pillow.

 Have creamed my feet and hands every night to try to keep them healthy and so far all is well.

 Taste does go and only really gets better toward week 3. Mouth can get a bit sore especially if eating or drinking something hot. Clean teeth with Corsodyl daily toothpaste o few times a week otherwise use Sensodyne.

Hope this helps calm your fears and that it treats you well. Marli xx

I was on fec-t and found the T loads easier than fec but some of the girls in my group found T harder - I’m afraid no one size fits all.
I highly recommend that you join the relevant monthly chemo thread in the going through treatment section - it’s for people that all started chemo in the same month. I don’t know how I would have got through it without my (now life long) friends. Good luck x