Docetaxel (Taxotere) - any tips on what to eat/drink??

Hi everyone,

I’m 9 days post my first round of Docetaxel (following 3 rounds of FEC) and I’m REALLY struggling with eating and drinking. Everything is making me sick and I’m running out of things to try. At the moment literally the only thing I can stomach is soup, however that’s now starting to make me baulk when I’m eating it too. Unfortunately I’m one of those people who, if I eat the same thing over and over, it will start to make me physically sick and my body just sort of rejects it. That’s what’s happening with soup and I’m worried that without that I really don’t know what I’m going to eat?! Everything tastes either of nothing, but not the kind of nothing that you can just force down you, the kind of nothing that makes you heave, or it tastes slimy, which is even worse. I’m at the point now where I’m scared to even try anything else and I’m getting seriously worried about what I’m going to do to sustain myself through the next two rounds.

Today is the first in 9 days that I’ve even managed to drink a full cup of anything, I’ve tried everything from water to tea, lemonade, fruit juice, lime cordial, bitter lemon, fruit tea…it all tastes like drain water. Today I’ve managed two full cups of tea but I know I’m not drinking enough fluids and I’m worried about becoming dehydrated. I’ve already been told my blood pressure is low due to not drinking enough.

Does anyone have any tips/suggestions on what I might be able to try please??

Hi Zia - know what you mean. I have had 5 /6 Taxotere, last one on Wednesday. It is a case of finding something that you can eat - for me it was milk puddings such as rice, macaroni or tapioca for a few days. One round I would find a drink I could get down but next round it would not appeal. Have you tried ginger cordial, Sainsbury do a nice one diluted quite weak. Very ice cold water or smoothiewell    diluted with sparkling water are also worth a try.

Good news is that , for me, from about this stage things would get better, as you have found with the tea.

Hope things do improve soon and then only 2 to go !! Good luck.  Marli xx

I thought the last stage was not supposed to make y sick ?!! I’m worrying now as I’m a sickly person anyway and heard that it doesn’t make u sick but all your bones etc ??

Oh right ok in so anxious about it all I seem to be getting worked up over everything ! Nearly passed out at mri other day ? constantly reading stuff and trying to be positive but it’s hard !!! Hope u find something salt n vinegar crisps help me lol not long left for u so look forward to that xxxx

I’ve been v sick on fec but managed ritz biscuits - was warned dehydration the main concern and seem to be ok if I sip through straw water and ice x jacket potatoes also managed with butter -also xxx

Hi Zia,

What I do during those first 7 days of awfulness is to juice as many vegetables as I can. Even if the taste is weird, it’s the only thing I can get down and at least I am getting nutrients.


 Hi there I am at the same stge s yourself , 3 rounds of FEC and now on 3 Docetaxel…my nausea was not as bad this time,just eat little and often and drinking is def more important…I had a bad exp as I am just out of hospital after an infection and neutropeania and was very weak and no apetite at all!! back home yesterday its beginning to improve…my white cell count is coming up but i will be staying awy from crowds and public places…this is a lot worse than the first three…seem to b going backwards not forwards.   I am 51 and feel 81…it woud be nce to keep in touch.  `I am from N Ireland…cold and windy today as usual!!!:smileyhappy:

I had my first dose of docetaxol 4 dats ago. I’ve not had any nausea but the pains are like nothing I have ever felt before. Does anyone know when that starts to fade? I lost my taste and got a sore mouth from the following morning so I only fancy really strong tasting foods to eat. I find little nibbles of whatever you fancy is the best way. I usually drink lots of water but it tastes like putty at the moment and u can’t stomach it x

Hi, I felt really ill after my first FEC … And couldn’t even drink a cup of tea … Only water … I was off nearly all foods but the only thing I could eat without making me feel sick was rice … Try this as it will also give you energy … It’s bland but hope it helps … I had the nausea and heaving for 6 days and thought it would never stop ! Hope you start to feel better soon x

today is day6 after 2nd round of docetaxyl, (after 3 rounds of FEC), only one docetaxyl to go. I too feel like I have been hit with a sledgehammer. The FEC was a breeze in comparison, I have had a craving for carbohydrates, thanks to the person who suggested plain rice. My hair had also started sprouting back. I am also drinking lots and lots of water and taking regular pain relief, but still in bed.

Oh u guys scaring me lol I’m not handling the lasts fec very well never mind the tax!!! My skin on my face is all hot and tops of arms feel
Like temp but it’s not !!! Then all achy under arms n chest ! Makes u feel all hot n bothered x

Hi folks.
I’ve had 3x FEC and my second (of three) TAX last Thursday.
First T was really painful for four days, unbearable. Felt as though I was unable to control it with even strong painkillers. I lost my taste for two weeks, though that came back before the next session.
My dose was reduced by 25% last week and I got an extra 3 days’ of steroids. Haven’t had any pain yet although v exhausted and am just able to potter and lie on the sofa. I don’t know if the second T is just generally easier, but this is much better, and I feel optimistic about my last dose in16 days’ time.
Am using Gelclair mouthwash twice a day for the first time, which is helping a lot.
I also drink aloe Vera juice which seems to help with digestion. I guess we need to concentrate on hydration and eating whatever we can stomach.
Best wishes, everyone x

Hi starting my first TC tomorrow, no 1 of 6. Not looking forward to the side effects. I had chemo 6 1/2 years ago, 4 Epi followed by 4 CMF. The side effects were bearable and hoping I’ll be able to cope as well this time. One thing I did learn was listen to your body and if you need to rest just do it. This is just a short period and we should treat ourselves as well as possible and then we can get on with the rest of our lives. Jackie x

My first tax tom n I’m **bleep**ting it!!! Dunno y will
Let u know hiw goes x

I’m just coming to the end if my first Taxotere which followed 3 FEC, I was very lucky with FEC as I had very little side effects, ended with a couple of infections tonsillitis and a fungal infection, my tip is don’t ignore anything, I am somebody that in the past always thought oh it will go the way it came, well I’ve learnt my lesson. With the Tax I was ok for the first couple of days but by day 3 everything ached. Found that I am exhausted but really struggling sleeping as I am hot flushes. My temp has normally be average 36.6 but since Tax I have been above between 37 - 37.6. I have been managing to work around treatment thanks to the massive support from my boss but I certainly stay away when my immune system is low. I am finding that I am not drinking enough as everything tastes so bland, I am also finding that my eating is so erratic, because food is tasteless I am finding it boring, I end up getting kids fizzy sweets as they have a bit of kick to them. I am really concerned with my weight as I have gained 10 lb since diagnosis and can’t get my head around healthy eating.

Redbev same here day 7 of first tax my mouth feels awful very dry nothing tastes right!! Feel like need t wash mouth out but it doesn’t help yuk!!! Also achy breast bones n under arms and abs no energy!!! Huh

I’m now 3 weeks post my last chemo, yay! But I was exactly the same and I just wanted to say I tried every single drink suggested, from water to fruit juice to lime juice, to fruit tea to bitter lemon, it all just tasted disgusting. The one thing I did eventually manage to drink was diet coke. My advice would be if they’re all making you sick try just quickly downing some water to at least get some fluids into your system. I didn’t drink enough and ended up with low blood pressure and recurring cystitis. Hang in their ladies, not long to go now and you can do this! xx

Hi everyone … I’m on my last FEC next week then will have the dreaded T doxetaxel … With FEC I am well by the 7th day … Is this the same with the T as I am going away for the weekend … Not too far just an hour away … Hoping symptoms even if worse just last 6/7 days x

Thanks ladies, your tips and thoughts are really helpful. I am just feeling so fed up because I am so exhausted the thought of doing the smallest of things fill me with dread. Not been out for a couple of days which I don’t think helps so I have given myself a right royal kick up the backside today and put on the lippy and am going to go out for a little walk, only to my mum’s but the change will do me good. Found a drink that I can finally taste, grapefruit juice and lemonade and it should be good for me too bonus. Hope you are all doing well and not experiencing too many rotten side effects. Take care x

I am day 4 post tax 1 after 3 FEC. As everyone says, most food is bland and yuk. However, I have found Greek salad still has some taste, must be the salty-ness of the feta and olives.
I was going to try Marmite but being yeast based I wonder if it may make thrush worse?