Docetaxol side effect?

Just a quick question…on the first day of side effects from the docetaxol i feel very shaky and trembly all the time. Does anyone else experience this? Cant see it mentioned on paperwork as a side effect? It passes over the course of the 2nd day. xxxxx

Hi Bev
When you say ‘first day of side effects’ I presume you mean the days after you’ve come off steroids? I definitely feel so spaced out the day or so after steroids have finished ie the Monday after having chemo on the Friday and this lasts for at least two days. I’ve given up doing much on those two days, no driving, nothing that needs my brain in gear! This has happened each cycle of the 5 I’ve had and doesn’t get any better the more you have!
Nicky x
Ps glad to hear this one went better than the first x

Hi Nicky…thanks for reply. I had meant the chemo but reading your post…yes it seems more likely to be from the dexamethasone. It makes sense because they can cause you to shake when stopping them suddenly cant they.
Yes i have my chemo on a friday and take the steroids thurs fri and sat. The shaking seems to start sun night/mon morning then lasts til tuesday. I cant do anything except sleep it off few days. ! xxxx