Does anybody know


Went to see onc yesterday.

Had mast/TRAM recon 15.8.06, 8 FEC and now on Herceptin.

Listened to heart nad felt breasts.

Have to go for routine MUGA scan - hope they find a vein, but is also asking for ultrasound as breast is still qiute firm in places.

Saw PS at breast clinic in January and was told it could take up tp 2 years to finally settle down so was not too concerned. Also had appointment at breast clinic and saw consultant in June and no worries were mentioned.

Onc said that it was a little bit unusual for it to take so long to soften up.

It’s still a 3 month appointment but now I’m worried. Didn’t think to ask what it might be. I also went on my own as I though it was just another routine appt.

Marilyn x

Dear Marilyn
I had LD reconstruction with implant 3 yrs ago. My breast took nearly 9 months to completely heal (I wore varying amounts of dressings during that time). It was very swollen, bruised and hard all over for a long time, but gradually it softened bit by bit. I think it took almost a year to soften completely. I had an ultrasound scan after a few weeks post op as it was suspected I might have a haemotoma (I did, but it was too small to cause a problem and merit removing impant). I was told hardness was due to seroma and oedema. The plastic surgeons saw me regularly - weekly then fortnighly for a few months, and then monthly until the breast was completely healed. They said that although the breast was taking a long time to settle, they were not worried there was a problem, and that the visits were really to reassure me everything was okay. The reconstructed breast had been v slightly larger than my other breast, but it is now a perfect match.
I hope everything goes well for you. Best wishes.

Hi Marilyn

I can fully understand your concerns, and I’m no expert but I’ll share my experience.

I had Mast/Tram recon in October 2005, and also 6 FEC and RT the op was really successful but as you say quite hard for a while but now it is soft, and virtually like the other one, my match is brilliant too, in fact I think I prefer the ‘new’ one!! Mine was a different type of hardness particularly on the edge of the Tram by the breast bone, last March I had an ultra sound and my surgeon told me it was fat necrosis, some was drained off, but as it was really solid he decided that it was best to leave the smaller section lower down at the moment. It is still quite sore and I still have to have a thin cushion between the seatbelt and the breast bone when I’m in a car.

I saw my Oncologist today for a routine check. She examined me fully, each breast, armpits, shoulders, neck, even tummy and was pleased with my progress. She said that fat necrosis is a problem and naturally patients worry about it, she also said that with this type of surgery local reoccurrence is very rare, but if I was really concerned and the hard area (I don’t want to call it a lump, but it is) changes then naturally they will check it out again. Prodding it makes it worse but we all do it!

Naturally I don’t want to give the wrong information and your symptoms may be totally different but this may help you or indeed someone else.

Hope that’s a bit helpful and I wish you all the best, say if you would like any more information because strangely enough someone else in my office had the same op’ five years ago so she keeps me up to date with progress that far on


Thankyou both

I wasn’t too worried as surgeon had said that it could take upto 2 years. It was onc who said it was slightly unusual and was sending me for ultrasound. That made me worry.

Marilyn x