Does anyone ache more after chemo has finished?????

Hello everyone just finished 3FEC/3 TAX had last tax 4 weeks ago, and I’m worrying as I feel more achey than ever…is it because most chemo side effects going and I just hadn’t noticed these aches??? I feel as though I been working out!!! and the knuckle joints on some fingers sore…any one had anything similar???

Love to one and all J XXX

Hi I’ve fin 3 wks ago but my legs ache like hell my feet and fingers are bad and I kp getting cold sores I was on dif chemo but I’m guessing it the se I’m not sure how long it take to go not long I hope

I finished 3 weeks ago, I’ve had some aching legs, not as bad as it was on TAX though, but niggling, it only seems to happen in bed but it’s not every day.

I’ve had peripheral neuropathy in my fingers and toes, numbness on the tips of both, with tingling.

And I’m still utterly exhausted.

It can take up to 6 months to start feeling human again - in most people it’s about 3 months apparently.

I think it’s all the chemo residuals working their way out. The toxins are in your body for 3-6 months after, so it’ll still have some effect.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m SICK TO DEATH of all of it and just want to “get back to normal”. I’m bored rigid of cancer, of treatments, of being useless, of having everything on hold, of being skint, of not knowing what the future holds now.

But I am glad Chemo is over. Thank GOD for that!

J, have you started on Tamoxifen or AIs? They can bring their own delightful SEs, including achiness (and a desire to kill people, but not everyone gets that one!)

El Katrono i echo what u say sick to back teeth of skint, aching, not feeling “me” and being stung on trvel insurance when I am all clear!!!Shar xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well done J on fin chemo, i so feel achy after fin, now im started to stop aching and feeling like worked out, but still tired and got achy knuckle joints in thumb and nails started to lift, hope i can save them, just on thumb nails and wedding finger, it is the nail bed feel like not quite attached to me? Shar xx

Hi all
I finished my chemo in May of this year. I had 3fec/3tax followed by 6 weeks of rads which finished July. I started tamoxifen in May. The se’s do get better over time but I still have a lot of fatigue and I also feel as if I have had a really good work out at the gym especially my legs, fingers tingle quiet a lot too. Shar I hope you can save your finger nails,I know what you mean about the feeling it’s sore if you put any pressure on it or even brush against something- I lost all of mine half way down each nail and 1 of my big toenails, but they have grown in again quite quickly.
I too am sick of everything cancer related BUT I’m going back to work next week so moving in the right direction- HOPEFULLY!!!
Hugs to everyone
Lizz xx

Hi Everyone

Although I have 1 more Tax next week I have got a feeling that I am going to be aching for a long time to come! Thought it would wear off by week 2. I am glad that I am not the only 1 (not that I want you all in pain!)as I was starting to think I was having some sort of mad side effects that nobody else did! Every1 always looks and sounds fab on my chemo ward!
I concur with you all that I am totally ‘spent’ with all this now! Plus cos got no life I have absolutely nothing else to talk about!

Roll on next year when life shall resume to normal!

Thanks ladies, I suppose I should be grateful that the chemo is over!(Choccie is that another bench? ‘I should be grateful’?)

You are all right I suppose it will just take time…I just feel a little low that I have to go on my holiday of a lifetime bald, puffed up with fluid, overweight, no eyelashes, no hair… So is it on the I should be grateful I’m going bench as I thought for a LONG time we wouldn’t be able to go??? I do feel ungrateful as 6 months ago I was sobbing all over the place ‘woe is me my holiday is over’ how ungrateful am I???

Choccie to answer you question …No not on tam yet will be but onc gave me reprieve till hols over… more gratitude needed… then be on it again!!! I don’t remember wanting to ‘do for anyone’ then but I’m married with kids now!!!

Gotta go Oh champin at bit…gotta pop into town!!

Yours A very ungrateful Jeanette XXXX