Does anyone else feel like this?

I was diagnosed beginning march and had three lots of surgery but gaps between each thing. I started herceptin last Thursday and chemo on the Friday. I am having chemo in cycles of 6, two weeks in a row one of, 18 herceptins every three weeks for a year and six weeks of radiotherapy plus also some counselling and I guess other random appointments.

I have woken up today totally overwhelmed by this amount of appointments, and while during surgery I had gaps I am feeling that my whole life at the moment is being suffocated by hospital appointments. I am pleased to be getting such wonderful treatment but just feel I can’t get away from cancer, does anyone else feel like this?

Thanks for reading my ramblings lol


Am I the only one who feels like this :frowning:

Hi there,

Just to say you will get through it! I was dx Sept 10 and have had WLE, chemo, rads and now having Herceptin until Jan 11. I know that feeling of being overwhelmed by it all - I think having Herceptin is the ‘icing on the cake’, when others are finished treatment we are still going! (Although of course I fully appreciated having this wonder drug).

All I can say to you is to just get through it a bit at a time. I focused on getting through chemo (and didn’t even think about rads) and only when finished chemo move onto the next step. I appreciate it is hard but like I said before ‘little steps’.

Hope this helps

E x

Thank you Bonnie, and yes you have totally hit the hammer on the nail. Everyone says, wow end of chemo and rads and they can start to get back to normal, but the herceptin drags it on for another six months. Also heart scans to see if the herceptin has damaged the heart every three months.

I will finish herceptin Mid september next year so will have been having treatment for the best part of 20 months and will also be having a port in all that time, so it seems to be never ending.

And yes I do appreciate the herceptin, and feel very fortunate, just feeling a bit suffocated today, but I am sure that will pass.

Thank you for replying, and I hope you are doing well with everything.

hugs. xxxx


How are you doing hun?
I know you’ve had a particularly rough time through all of this so far, hope you’re managing to keep your pecker up.

The amount appt’s is phenomenal and sometimes you can feel like you’re just a walking NHS number, meandering from one clinic to the next - I have just finished chemo 2 weeks ago, am on Herceptin until end of next summer (is administered in chemo suite and will be a constant reminder of what I’ve been through) and start rads and tamoxifen in 2 weeks time. On top of these there is still the onc and physio appts. I’ve also been goiong for holistic therapies at the hospital too - there is unfortunately not much respite from it all I feel for me too, but it won’t be forever.

Things became a bit more of a routine for me once I settled into chemo, and found keeping on top of all the different pills a bit of a juggling act. I did also try to plan things to do with friends/family on the weekend before my next chemo cycle, something to look forward too whilst feeling at my best in between and an opportunity to get dressed up and feel a bit ‘normal’ - a nice meal, visiting friends or a night out.

Just like bonnielass, hadn’t thought about rads until I went for planning last week - one phase at a time.
Bev x

Hi again.

Yes, getting there, just been for another Herceptin this morning so 12 of 18 done! Like you said, just hope the heart stays fit for it!

You are allowed to feel overwhelmed though, just think what we have been through in a fairly short while. It is frightening when you think about it - it seems an eternity ago I was travelling to rads every day.

All the best anyway and keep on plodding away, we WILL get there!!

E x


I know what you mean, I felt overwhelmed by it all too and I had my chemo every 3 weeks. There really is light at the end of tunnel though, honestly. I have just finished my rads and thought I’d be having 5 weeks but when I saw the radiologists I found out i’d be having them over 3 weeks, which was great. It’s still the same dose as 5 weeks would be but administered over a shorter period. I will also be having herceptin at home. I’ve had 7 so far and these were given at the chemo unit but my hospital is piloting herceptin at home which I am happy to have. I don’t have another appontment at the hospital until 27th october which is fanastic. There really is light at the end of the tunnel, I’m shining it for you and you will get here soon xxxx

Me too I feel like I’m drowning in hospital appointments at the moment and have had 2 a day on some days. I’ve totally had enough and nobody seems to talk to any other departments so I’ve had 4 blood tests in the past 3 weeks with another one booked for Monday even though I keep telling them I’ve had all these already. And they keep springing things on me, stop doing that doctors/nurses! It’s much better if you are upfront with me, and I already have a BCN thank you I don’t need another one. Arrrrggggghhhhh sorry it’s turned into a rant!

Thank you Beverlie. I am not doing too bad, just feeling a bit fed up with it all, and want to see and end in sight!

I am trying to organise nice things, I just wish my chemo was every three weeks rather than two in a row, as its so time consuming. Its lovely to hear from you hun.

Thank you Bonnie, Jo and Lisa, its nice to know that others are feeling the same, and that I am normal.

Jo that seems horrendous that you are being put through extra tests. Would it maybe be a good idea to talk to the consultants secretary and see if they can sort this out for you.

Lisa, I have also had herceptin at home mentioned to me, so will be taking full oportunity of this if it keeps me away from the hospital.

Bonnie, are you feeling very tired with the herceptin, I found the first one knocked me for six!

Have any of you ladies got a port or picc line put in for all these infusions.

Hi i went for first tax today and it was agony getting a vein. Managed after few attempts but they have offered me a picc line for next tax/herceptin. Saw the onc this morning and he asked me about herceptin trial which I turned down as I want everything possible thrown at it. Interestingly he felt there was quite bit research around only needing one or two herceptin. He was very happy for me to have the lot tho. I have first 2 at hospital and then the rest at home which seems more manageable. 3 hrs post tax, no nausea yet fingers crossed.

Do have the PICC line - getting a vein was absolute hell for me after about the third cycle of my FEC. I kept it in for the 1st 6 mths of Herceptin too, so less stress when the nurse came round every 3 wks. You do have to have a nurse coming round every week to clean and redress the site though - bit of a drag!

I was offered a PICC line, but I have a lot of friends who I met when mum had Bc who suggested that I have a portacath instead, which is in the chest wall and far less likely to get infected.