does anyone get aching joints with tamoxifen?

Hi all,
Just wondered if any of you on tamoxifen had got any aching joints as a side effect. Mum’s elbows are aching. We phoned breast care nurse who said it wasn’t a known side effect but told us not to worry and just see how it is in a month or so. Can’t help worrying though… I am a big worrier.

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yea, although mine are in the hips and legs.

Thank you for replying. Did they just start aching as soon as you started taking it? Mum’s been on it since March and they started aching about 2 weeks ago.

Yes I have terrible joint pains with Tamoxifen, elbows, knees, feet, toes, finger - you name it, it hurts, BC nurse told me thats its down to tamoxifen and being thrown in to the memopause.


I suffer from aching joints too: hands, hips, knees and big toes are the usuals for me - with the other odd joint thrown in every so often for good measure!

My breast care nurse told me that it’s caused by the depletion of oestrogen.

My consultant has put me on high doses of Ibuprofen, but I still suffer badly when I just get up in the morning (and later on in the evening). Can’t walk for too long either. (I’m 46!)

I’m also on Zoladex injections which cause joint probs, but had them whilst I just took the Tamoxifen prior to the Zoladex.

Best of luck to your mum !
Jacki xx

Yes i got terrible aching joints and muscles.
Like I am getting the flu type of aches and 'after sporting with a not fit body type of pains. In the morning I can hardly carry my own weight. And I am only 37 and was always very fit.
All this certainly started when I started tamoxifen. Together with the GP I decided to wait a few months untill the side effects of the chemo had worn off before to start on antiinflamm. and or glucosamines.

I think the time, for me has come now to make another appointment because this is effecting my quality of life.

Good luck for your mum