Does anyone have a chillow Pillow

Does anyone have a chillow Pillow

Does anyone have a chillow Pillow Hi all,
Just wondered if anyone has a chillow pillow I have just got one I followed all the instructions but it does not seem to be that cold are we supose to keep it in the fridge??
Thank you Clairemm x x

Chillow Hi Clairemm

I have a chillow and find it great. have you got all the air out of it? also it takes about 24hours to activate. (won’t work if there is any air left in it)
Have never found that I need to put it in the fridge but have found that it absorbs all your body heat so when I get up in the morning it is like a hot water bottle!

Hope you have better luck now/
Janet x

pillow Hi can u tell me please were i would get a oillow from and approx cost tanks


I ordered my CHILLOW on line at

They do take a bit of getting used to but are very good think it was about £20

Hope this helps

Another chillow fan here and gosh they are cold

I love my Chillow but have found it feels much less effective now my hair has gotten thicker!! I think it insulates too much I do sometimes put it in the fridge.
I also have a “cobber”
Which is lovely on hot days while out and about. I think I bought mine online from somewhere like


hi Claire
your chillo should not need to go in the fridge i have had mjne for about 6 months and mine is great even in this hot weather

what is a chillow?! Hi all

I am curious what a chillow is, what you use it for etc. Hope that’s not a dumb question!

Alice x

hot water bottle why not get a hot water bottle and put it in the freezer - would this not be the same principle except slightly cheaper!


chillow pillow friction burn heres a warning to anyone still on Chemo and preparing their new chillow. following the instructions to remove all air from the pillow I used my arm to sweep out all the air and 20 minutes later I am left with a seven inch friction burn to the inside of my arm. Forgot that skin is very sensitive during Chemo. It didnt hurt at the time. So be careful girls.


alice chillow pillow is to use to help with hot flushes when filled with cold water, you lay on it. well your head that is.

Chillow v chilled hot water bottle I have a chillow, bought to help with the hot flushes especially at night.

Much better than the hot water bottle idea, as once the chillow is activated it doesnt need anything else done to it and lasts for ever. Only negative is that it isnt particularly comfortable for sleeping on, however, if you wake up having a hot flush and put the chillow under your head it certainly helps (infact during this hot weather my husband borrowed it off me!}. Also once it has been activated it is quite heavy.

Hope some of this helps.


Hi all I just got mine and it is great, but you have to get all the air out, took me about eight goes, wish they made a sheet as well Val