Does anyone have pain from a recon?

Does anyone have pain from a recon?

Does anyone have pain from a recon? I had my reconstruction with the chest expander in 2004 after having the mastectomy 2003. The whole stretching the skin and having the boob put in finished early 2005. I was not happy with the results and was going to have the recon redone (it went very hard and hurt across my chest) but went down with brain cancer. But when I recovered from that I went for the recon op again back in Feb this year. The breast is a bit softer now but I still get aching on my chest, under my arm and armpit. Does anyone else get this…I am reminded constantly every minute of the day that I have had a reconstruction as there is always pulling and aching.

Gosh, I am sorry to be moaning all the time, I really am not that sort of a person - but it does get through to me now and again!

For Roz57 Hi Roz

It sounds like you are having a tough time, maybe whilst you are waiting for other forum users to reply with their experiences it would help to contact our helpline on 0808 800 6000. You are able to talk to someone in confidence and our expert team will be able provide information about your concerns.

The helpline is open until 2pm today and Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

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Thank you so much but I actually live in South Africa, so I don’t think I would be able to phone this line…

Hi there, I have had double expanders fitted in March this year and I am still undergoing expansion, however I do get regular tingles and pains across my chest and in my arm pits. I am assuming that this is because it is early days from the surgery, I am sure this will be the same for you after all it is only a couple of months ago. Do you still have the expander valves in as mine definately rub me and I will be asking for them to be taken out once the expansion is complete as they are very uncomfortable.

Hope you are feeling better soon, take care


Hi Louise No I haven’t got any valves in. I had the expander put in and had to go back around 10 times to get saline pumped into the boob to stretch the skin, that was fine. Then I had the op to take out the chest expander and put in the silicone boob, which they did. I was getting quite a bit of pain then, and was thinking of going back to have it redone, but then I went down with brain cancer so had to have an op and then chemo, so the boob went very hard. Anyway, I went back and had the silicone boob taken out and he said that there was such a lot of scarring, so he redid it and put another silicone boob in, but I am still getting discomfort, alot of it is under the armpit, as I was butchered when he took out 15 lymph nodes, so I wonder if it is not that which is causing the problem.

Gosh, what a long winded story, I am sorry I have rabbited on a bit.

Pain after Reconstruction I have posted for new user Veronica

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I had my reconstruction completed on 29 March 2007. The reconstructed breast is fine, however, I had my good side enhanced - an implant placed behind the breast tissue.

Since waking up from the op my enhanced breast has been extremely painful, especially the nipple. My breast surgeon put me on antibiotics and inflammatory tablets, but still I am in pain, now he is putting it down to referred pain and will review again in July.

Has anybody else had this kind of problems following reconstruction and enhancement? If so did the pain settle? How long did it take?