Does anyone have these moments...

Hi all…damn this is hard. Does anyone have moment’s of panic when they think every pain is cancer that has spread. Does anyone have other stuff going on. I have sciatica on my same right side. The mind wants to tell me that’s a spinal lesion now…even though I’ve had it for 14 months. I also have a tiny lump in my neck…forgot to tell the hospita this as was in shock…my gp has seen it and said it’s NOT a lymph node but my mind says otherwise. Feel like I’m going up the pipe…anyone???

Dont worry Unjoya, it’s quite normal to feel like this, but it does settle down when the diagnosis is confirmed & the treatment plan in place.
The uncertainty is the pits at this stage & sends the mind into overdrive - we’ve all been there to varying degrees.
Deep breaths!
take care
ann x

I was feeling fine until I started feeling that little neck lump. The gp said it was just a peice of meat but my mind is going crazy. I keep trying to tell myself…OK they didn’t refer you to the breast clinic but they must know what a swollen node feels like…surely

Obviously, do tell the team when you see them next, but having had breast examinations which includes the neck nodes on follow up after treatment, it is most likely what your gp says, it is something they regularly check.
ann x

Dobyou mean something GP’s regularly check…sorry I’m easily confused right now x

Only in the sense that any Dr can undertake a medical examination. It might be an idea to ring the helpline above or post in 'ask our nurses section to talk it through.
do take care
ann x

Yes. Sometimes stress gets the best of us. Sciatica pain can affect so many areas. My sister was without health insurance, hadn’t had a pap or mammo in 5 years, developed bleeding hemmroids, and had deep back and leg pain. She told me she figured she had terminal cervical cancer, colon cancer, etc. At that point didn’t want to even know. Urged her ( no made her get checked: Her pap was clear- bleeding hemmroid and had colonoscopy ( two benign polyps, and sciatica so bad and made worse from sleeping in her couch every night it was making her tense up this aggravating her lower back up to her neck )
She got a mammo and it came back clear - the lump she felt during all her pain on up to nerve pain up her arm ( was the edge of her breast implant from 10 yrs prior). Our thoughts are not reality but trick us into accepting it as such, especially worst case scenarios. Gotta work out that sciatica, lots of stretches for it and develop strong core with some Pilates or yoga- it reallllly helps. I’m sorry you feel so bad/ please get a checkup. Hugs