Does anyone know how I find a good plastic surgeon

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Hi Guy, havent been on here for a long time was so ill with chemo. Does any body know a good plastic surgeon or where i can look for one. not happy with my tissue expander, it doesnt look like a boob an it doesnt fit into a bra very well, not sure what it suppose to look like !!! or how it should feel …thats the trouble… my breast consultant she is very slow keep say she can do something but seems to fob me off so at the mo got one boob big that the other BN is crap… just gives me chicken fillets but thats not what i want… i think that defeating the object what the point of implant if i have to were chicken fillet. Need a good cosmetic surgeon to try and put them right… anybody got any ideas please… please no were else to turn its really getting me down at the mo and making me feel depressed…Want to move on from this bloody breast cancer but cant till i get my boobs sorted even if i need to get a bank loan… HELP

where do you live? You can ask for second opinion. I went to a surgeon in Winchester as he did partial reconstructions. I also considered one in Norwich and one in Edinburgh but went for the one with the specialism and near my parents in case I needed to stay near by. I live in London

hi i had a fab breast surgeon in birmingham ,her name is mrs c c kat you can contact her secretary at solihull hospital birmingham, i think she does private

hope you get on ok

Im being done by Cameron Raine in Livingston, it may depend what kind of recon that you have. Im haviand he comes highly recommended. My breast nurse put me in the right direction. He can be googled

Babs you should not need to go private - you can in principle go to a surgeon of your choice, depending on the procedure you want. The hard thing is finding out what can be done for you now from where you are. It sounds as though you have possibilities, as my own PS has just said to me that with a tissue expander in place, if you don’t like it, you still have all your options open.

But you need to find a surgeon who can advise. You can go to your GP and say you are having difficulty getting past your bcnurse and consultant and could your GP please refer you - mine has offered to help me if I feel I need to explore further options after seeing the PS I’ve been sent to from the hospital. Otherwise, ask around on this site. Or, look on NHS site for breast reconstruction surgery and it will help you ‘Find a surgeon’ - and in the first instance look for one near you. Surgeons tend to have expertise with certain techniques and not others, and if the surgeon and you together think that a particular technique might be suitable for you, but this surgeon does not do it, then they will refer you to another surgeon who does, which has just happened to me.

I have just been referred to enquire about a procedure my local PS doesn’t do - but I am only going for talks, not committing to anything. I have had 3 consultations with local PS and found that he has suggested 2 different things on 2 consultations, and not fully explained them, and I still have loads of questions, and all seem to involve one breast up and one breast down and pointing in a different direction so I may decide against in the end, I just don’t know yet. I quite agree what is the point of a recon if you still need a prosthesis, and it looks like a dog’s dinner, and if you have trouble fitting a bra. How is that better than now?

What I am saying is - the thing to realise is, it’s a bit of a minefield, don’t rush, take all the time you need to investigate possibilities. It is hard to start the ball rolling - but once you do, you can start gathering information, and take one step at a time.

And we all know on here how dreadful you feel about the state of your body - we are all in the same boat, and we feel for you, and I am sending big hugs, and good wishes, and saying - you’re still pulling out of the ordeal of chemo, you have come so far, tried so hard, been through so much, and it is not over by a long way, so be kind to yourself, don’t demand too much of yourself, you are doing valiantly already, and we’re all here rooting for you. Take care.

I have posted this for new user Babs,
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Thank ladies, for all your comments, will try GP or Look around !!! have family in surrey so maybe i could try around that area then i would have some support as i am on my own in wales no family and Kids are off to Uni now September. Not very confident on speaching to Consutant tend to just do what they say and come out to the car and start crying. Havent got to see my Consultant now for 3months. BN seen once in 6months never seen my ONC only ever saw pharmacist when i was on chemo. That what you get for living in Wales.
thanks again
barbara x