Does anyone know how to get email addresses

If you want to get in touch privately with anyone on the site, how do you get their email address?

go to other site, breakthrough my breakthrough, sign up you can then reply to messages any where to the people on them, me lyn and karen are on there and we have all posted.


Thanks Elaine, just trying to get Princess 18’s email address, I thought you could get access on this site now…thanks anyway.

Hello Roz

To use the private messaging system just type the name of the person you wish to message in the box marked ‘send a private message to’. Remember user names are case sensitive so make sure you have any capitals in the right places. The message will then appear in the discussion thread where you have posted but only be visible to you and the person to whom you have sent the message.

When you are logged on you can see the messages you have sent and have received (the ones you have received say ‘private’ in blue next to the message). You can tell if a message you sent was private because it will have the name of the person you sent it to next to your user name.

Hope this answers your query.

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Whoops sorry, tried to send a private message to findingnemo but it would not let me,



I’ve just sent you a private message, did it work?

Julie x

not got it yet, find this new site a bit difficult hope you find me on breakthrough


Elaine…why don’t you get your friend to come onto OUR site??? Perhaps you don’t like it…

How do you do this private messaging thing? I find the average things in life complicated after brain cancer (what I am doing on the breast cancer site you might ask? Well had that as well). Help Elaine, much too complicated for this old dog!!) I am triyng so hard to get a message to Princess (aka Kelly, I think)

I’m sorry, but where is this “the message will then appear in the discussion thread”? I am just not following this. Sorry to be a nuisance but I an’t seem to do what is needed to get in touch with someone off the website.

Hello you been trying to find you in the Bar am sure my friends would love to come on OUR site, I love it just wish I could get nice pictures and cartoons like you do. Just tell princess to go to breakthrough site register and ask her to find one of your messages, and reply to it then you can send a message back with your email address…

Love your site hope to get Karen, finding nemo and Kez on it, how do I do that???

Speak soon,

Its your round


What is the address for OUR site, I am intrigued now.