Does anyone know . . .

If yo are free of this bloody disease for 3 years - do you have a reduced risk of a recurrence??

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My oncologists told me that when I get to the end of the 5 year remission period the Doctors can tell me that I am"technically" cured, but that’s not to say it won’t come back in the future beyond that. I believe as years go on the chances of certain types of cancer coming back reduce, but I would think it probably depends on the original diagnosis.

I was told that the longer you’ve been free of disease the better your chances are, ie every day counts… Haven’t got any numbers for you though.


If breast cancer recurs then it is most likely to recur in the early years after diagnosis,. Triple negative breast cancer is more likely to recur in the first three years after primary treatment compared with er+ and pr+ cancer. 5 years is just a statistical landmark and doesn’t clincially I think have any particular meaning. Some reserach recently suggested that if you have triple negative breast cnacer and get to 8 years withoout recurrence that your chances then of recurrence are very slight. Other breats cancers can do and recur 10, 12, 15 or more years later. The length of time from end of treatment to recurrence is one indicator of how long you are likely to live (genrally the sooner the recurrence the more quickly the cancer kills). There are exceptions to all of these.

Recurrence depends on many many factors…er, pr her2 statuts, grade, number of nodes, etc etc.


My mother went 22 years NED !! Then had new primary in other breast. Her Bc us er++ like mine.


Unfortunately being a long time NED from breast cancer doesn’t prevent you having another new one - I did 16 years NED before being diagnosed with a new primary in December last year.
But that, of course, isn’t the same as recurrence - something I’ve now had a lot of experience explaining. And I’m also getting used to handling the most frequent next comment - “Oh, well, that’s all right then”


Hi Lyn

Sorry about your new DX.

I suppose that’s not from the same original dx though - I mean anyone can get a priamry whether you have had it before or not - especially after all that time.

I bet you want to slap well meaning folk who come out with that classic “Well that’s all right then?!”

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