Does anyone live abroad?

Mum has just started her tamoxifen and can only get three months worth of tamoxifen to take with her. Noone else will give her any more. But she will be away for six months! Anyone have any clue what to do? She will be in Spain. Can it be purchased over the counter in Spain?
Any advice welcome ā€¦:frowning:

Is she staying registered with her own G.P?If so you could just order a repeat prescription for her,collect it and post it.Mine is just on repeat for the next 10 years now and anyone could collect it for me.

Hi Iā€™m in Spain at present and have just purchased Exemestane here. If you would like some info pm me. Where is your mum staying?

She will still be registered at the gp. Firstly tho the post out there is not reliable and I have thought about posting it and hoping it gets there. Secondly I am not sure they will give it to her on repeat without some kind of monitoring.
I have sent you a pm. Thank you x