Does anyone understand scans??

Well now I’m totally confused!! Have just been for an appointment with the spinal consultant who I hadn’t seen since I was first dx’ed with bone mets before Xmas. He told me my mobility was ‘excellent’ and was pleased that most of the time I have no pain (although as sod’s law would have it I was awake half the night last night with upper vertebrae pain)

He then invited me to see my MRI scan and bone scan from a couple of months ago - the MRI scan showed what to me looked like quite small areas of concern, a fairly bad one at the top of my spine and little ones lower down. He then turned to the bone scan and told me to look for the black areas - well I couldn’t see anything much BUT black areas :frowning: Does anyone understand these things? I’m in very little pain generally and moving around pretty well normally, including being able to lift stuff etc.

Lesley xx