Does chemo sickness get worse towards the end of regime?

Hoping someone can help with this one…

Had fourth EC last wednesday and I always feel lousy on chemo night, but last one I felt really bad. I felt sooooo sick all I could do was lay on the couch with my eyes shut and I was sweating profusley(sp?) tummy growling because I cant eat! I had mentioned to my chemo nurse about taking a sickness pill on the afternoon as I always feel pants and she said I could try it, but to no avail!

Does it get worse as you go on?
Thanks in advance



I got 5th out of 6 yesterday and do not feel worse. More tired as time getting on but ok with sick.

Hope you ok soon

The fourth chemo was my worst one in terms of sickness. I don’t think my carpet has ever recovered. (Is that too much information?). Number five and six were better in terms of sickness, but worse in terms of tiredness.


Hi Lynne

I had my 4th FEC last tuesday, and I have found that I am feeling more Nauseas with each chemo. I do take anti sickness tablets on the afternoon of chemo, infact my Onc rx me some extra ones Cyclizine this time which did help a bit I think. I also take Domperidone, and Lansoprazole.
My nausea seems to continue on and off for up to a week afterwards!!!

Take good care

Kim x

Chemo number five has been the worst so far… it has taken me 11 days to get over it… I felt like being sick for the whole time and have been VERY dizzy…the dizziness has not gone over yet. Hey ho, number 6 is on the 2nd Nov and I just know it will be as bad as this one.

To think for the first three I was up and about after four days and the two weeks in the middle I was as normal as a normal person from normalsville…

So sorry to hear it is not fun for you… I really understand!

Hi All,

Wierd thing is though I only get side effects on the chemo night and then I could quite easily go shopping the next day, in fact the last two times we have been out for a curry and a half of larger the night after chemo! Is this right?

I just felt terrible this time on the night. I almost feel it as the clock ticks to 4.30pm the side effects kick in. I just dont think i can feel that sickly again, it was horrid.


Hi all
I had chemo 5 Friday week ago and it was by far worst in terms of sickness and the rest.Had a nights of vomiting and generally felt unwell despite the medication which I took religiously.
Am now on an antibiotic for a chest infection and feel this one has been tough.
Maybe our body has had enough by the time number 5 kicks in.

Still every one, is one less - if you know what I mean.


Hi there

I had my third FEC last week and this one has hit me a bit harder. I always feel very nauseous on chemo night, but with numbers 1 and 2, the worst of it had gone by the next day. This last time the first night was actually a lot better (because the nurses upped my IV antisickness drugs during the chemo session), but I did feel quite queasy for a few days and a bit spaced out (thankfully this has now gone) and generally feel a lot more tired than before.

I was told by the hospital to expect to feel worse as things go on and that it would take longer to bounce back each time, so had a feeling it would go this way unfortunately.

Hope your remaining chemos aren’t too bad.