Does lavender contain oestrogens?

Does lavender contain oestrogens?

Does lavender contain oestrogens? I have been diagnosed with er+ breast cancer which is receptitve to oestroegen.

SOmeone said that lavender, contains oestrogens, which will stimulate my cancer. Is this true? I have used lavender for years in bath oils, etc, etc. I have so much in my bathroom. Tell me this is rubbish


This is one of those typical media hypes. There was a report that 3 boys had “developed breasts” following the use of lavender oil. Firstly, no conclusions can be drawn from a sample of three. Secondly, this is what was said: “Because the boys were each exposed to the oils regularly for weeks, the researchers speculate that there might be a threshold “dose for the effects to kick in. This, in turn, could depend on the concentration of the oil in the product, the duration of use, the frequency of use and genetic factors which make certain people, but not others, vulnerable to the effects.”

I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. The amount of essential oils in anything you normally use is minute.

During a healthy living day that I went to last year we had a session with an aromoatherapist. Those of us who were taking or going to be taking tamoxifen were told to avoid clary sage. Apparently it has “oestrogen like properties” which make it useful to use during menopause or for PMS as it appears to help the symptoms. But not to be used “if taking hormone modulating medication e.g. Arimadex or Tamoxifen”. Quotes are from the handout given to us and produced by the therapist from the complemtnary service attached to the oncology/haemotology unit, Friarage Hospital, Northallerton. A good aromatherapist should be able to tell you which oils to avoid.


Isn’t it funny? I went to a BCC Healthy Living Day back in January and the aromatherapist there didn’t mention clary sage, but told us to avoid geranium and rose otto!

If they can’t decide amongst themselves, the risk can’t be that major, can it? We’d probably have to drink gallons of the stuff on a daily basis to see any ill effects! Everything in moderation and hope for the best, I say…


Ha ha!! There is so much conflicting info about so many things. Mad or wot?

mo2ps all this leaves me snarling with impatience. Loadsa good veg and carbs have loadsa phyto oestrogens. If we follow all the claptrap we’ll all die of starvation/malnutrition.
If you enjoy it or find it suits you it’s VERY likely that whatever it is it’s doing you good. Go on -a bit of what you fancy [in all directions]…etc, dilly