Does the brand make any difference

I have been on Tamoxifen since August; as I get a prescription every two months, I am on my fourth lot.
Until now, I was always given the same brand. (sorry can’t remember the name, the box was white and purple?)
I started a new box ten days ago and noticed that my hot flushes were greatly diminished. I do not wake up drenched at night anylonger.
Is it a coincidence, or has this got to do with the brand?
Anyone with the same experience.
If it is, can I ask my pharmacist to keep delivering the CP Pharmaceutical box every time?

Hi I have been on Tamox since may last year and have had at least three different brands. My last box i picked up from chemists had two brands in the same box??? so i am hoping that it does not make any difference as well. Hope this helps you.

I noticed different side effects with different brands so asked the pharmacist if I could stick to one brand. I now only have APS brand and can cope with the hot flushes etc. Lloyds pharmacy refused to guarantee only one brand so I searched out a pharmacy that obliged and even commented that they were used to ladies with this problem
Take care

Thanks for your answers.
APS is the one which gives me really bad hot flushes at night time. I wake up absolutely drenched.
I will try with my local chemist to see.