Does the sun help hair growth

Does the sun help hair growth

Does the sun help hair growth I was just wondering if anyone knew if the sun helps hair growth and eyebrow growth I am 7 months post chemo.

I am hopeing the sun will bring my eyebrows back?


I think it does metabolic rates rise when the body is hotter so hair tends to grow faster the warmer you are.

That’s what I read somewhere anyway



do you think that applies to eyebrows?

Hi Well, as soon as my hair started showing I lost the headscarves as I believed that the head needed plenty of air and light! I’ve just come back from holiday in a sunny climate and my hair has grown a good inch in 8 weeks. I think this is fast growth. I think the average is less.

the other thing I did was buy a very soft natural hair brush and I brushed my head and brows every day twice a day to stimulate the folicles. Throughout my treatment I actually washed and conditioned my scalp 3 times a week as normal as this is what it was used too before hair loss.

good luck an excuse for a holiday I think :sunglasses:

For Sonya Thanks for that, its funny you say that but I was brushing my eyebrows every now and then but stopped as I didn’t know if I was doing more harm than good.

Has your eyebrows fully returned?? Did it take long.

Really looking forward to a holiday only going for 10 days tho


Eyebrows Hi,

I was lucky not to lose all my eyebrows completely so can’t really give an proper answer. Don’t forget your sun protection if you are going somewhere sunny! Have a great holiday.


I always used to make a joke of it to people saying my hair grew mostly at night when it was coverd up in my hat i wore at night as i had so many flushes and sweated like mad sort of a tropical affect the moisture and heat.
Gosh i went out for the day to Wales and was brave as i had some hair and couldnt be bothered with the wig as it was boiling out, however take a hat as my poor head was burning you dont realise how hair protects your head.

I didnt lose all my eyebrows either but now they have grown back i realise just how many i did lose.

Has anyone found their hair isnt as thick, mine hasnt grown back as thick anywhere.


When did you finish your traetment?

I finished my treatment in May and my hair has grown back quite thick but a very dark colour to what I had before. They say it can take up to a year to get your hair back to what it was.

Have you got a full coating now?

Marymo, I lost all my brows and lashes (last chemo 3 Nov 2006), by the beginning of January this year, both had grown back . My hair seems to be growing fairly quickly too. Any sort of gentle massage (head, brows) may help to stimulate blood supply and therefore hair growth.

I used 2 products by a company called Talika - a gel for my brows and a type of clear mascara for the lashes. They claim to encourage hair growth, you use them morn and night for a month. I have no idea whether this product helped or not but the company does have a good reputation. There is a website where you can order these products. The supplement Silica is also reputed to improve hair quality.

I agree with one of the other forum posters - sunlight and air must surely be beneficial to hair growth - hair grows faster in summer than in winter. The hair on my head is still pretty short but seems to be the same as before (fine and straight) and there was me hoping for thick lustrous curls!!!

Hi Everyone,

I have returned from holiday it has helped my hair to grow longer, i am 8 months post chemo.

My eyebrows are still very faint considering I had thick black eyebrows before which I loved. I am starting to feel down about it now, should they have come back by now just as they were.

Has anyone out there had this problem and they have come back even if it was over a year???

Please help, i know its a minor problem considering i am well again.