Dogs and breast cancer ?

Dogs and breast cancer ?

Dogs and breast cancer ? Isnt it amazing what theories they come up wlth for causing breast cancer my hubby read yesterday that women that have dogs are 37% more l;ikely to get breast cancer than those who dont , something to do with them sniffing mice and then transfering micro-organisms to us , well thats it then my two will have to go … only joking ? there the only thing that keeps me going sometimes

Ah that must be why… Not much hope for me then… got 34 of the monsters at the moment…

Lynn x

how funny Oh this has made me laugh thank you for that, what the hell has dogs got to do with mice…when would they sniff them???


Yes I read about that last year too - I was persuaded by my two border collies to let them stay! What next?

Also have dogs I also have dogs three of them I also like a glass of wine and they are now blaming that as well. Guess that means it is my fault that I have BC.

I read drinking coffee protects you from BC well that’s a laugh I drink loads of cups of coffee each day, has not stopped me from getting it.

Hi there Dear All

Personally I blame my cats! Or being born in the first place? It is a joke really, isn’t it? Something there is that says you are sent nothing that you cannot bear. And do you really want to swap your basket of problems for someone else’s? Well, yes sometimes. But on the whole there must be worse things that can happen. I just heard that a good friend’s 20 year old son has committed suicide out of the blue and it may be trite but it really does put a mastectomy and possible chemo in perspective.

Much strength and love to you all


PS In that lovely limbo between feeling fine after the mastectomy but not knowing what comes next!

Crikey, they dont half come up with some dross eh what??
There was no hope for me then was there with my Mum having a mastectomy when I was at primary school, me having a pet poodle at 6, loads of pet mice in my teens, 3 Alsatians, tons of beer, lager, cider, wine, social smoking and basically burning the candle at all the ends I could find!!! Was my body a temple - NOT!!
You have to laugh at these absurdities because at the end of the day someone is being paid a decent wage to come up with this total and utter c**p!!! I’ve never known a dog sniff a mouse without said mouse ending up being on the hors d’ouerves menu. I’ve got cats now so no doubt some numpty head will come up with a link there aswell.
At the end of the day all BC boils down to is the luck of the draw, fate, destiny or whatever you like to call it and those of us who draw the short straw have to battle on.
Keep laughing and good cyber vibes to you all