Donate unworn wigs



I used the cold cap during my chemo and have two brand new unworn wigs. They are longer than chin length and dark blonde. Does anyone know where I could donate them?

Hi blueash,

Thank you for your post and being willing to donate your wigs. I am sure some of our users will be along soon to share any wig donation organisations they have used.

In the meantime check out

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Hi, do you know if I can buy second hand wigs?  Havent started the chemo yet but dont fancy the cold cap and dont want no hair either.  My friends mum in Manchester was given them free thru the NHS but I dont think my local Hospital Trust offer that.

Trisha x

Feeling very wobbly. Had appt with Consultant yesterday. Stage 2. Hepracin. Chemo. Oncologist within next 10 days x

I’m feeling wobbly too today at the consultant lunch time. This it when it starts to feel real keep strong xx

Thanks Annie for your advice and support it is good to hear from someone who has been through this as I’m surrounded by people who know nothing going about BC and mean well, life has a nasty habit of throwing crap at you when you don’t want it but I have so much to look forward too, a beautiful grandchild due in October (Can’t wait) my son getting through uni and becoming an engineer a first in our family! I just thank God I found it whilst it’s so small and reassuring that treatment pathway is already underway xx