Donating wigs

Sometime last year I posted asking if anyone knew of anywhere I could donate my good condition, no longer needed wigs. Nobody could help, but a few people asked me to post if I did find anywhere.
I have found a charity called Wigbank (
Wigs can be sent to:
Elizabeth Cameron
c/o Birnam Hotel, Dunkeld, Perthshire, PH8 0AA
Tel: 01350 728030
My Mum spoke to Elizabeth Cameron today, so I can confirm that the information is up to date.
I hope this information helps someone.
Opal (Nicky)

Thanks, I have two wigs I used about twice  as I preferred my funky bald look (!)  and have finished chemo, so as I hope I will never need them again (and haven’t used them anyway) I will donate them!

There is a whole network of Wigbanks in the UK, as listed on the website Opal mentions (you have to keep scrolling down and down as it’s not very sophisticated) so  worth having a look - there may be one in your area.