"donotdelay" doorstep collection for bc prevention

A plastic bag was delivered to our house this morning, asking for donated clothing, bed linen and shoes, to raise funds for “an important project that provides information and screenings for women in Lithuania to help prevent Breast Cancer” (quote from wording on bag).
There is no Registered in UK charity number.
Anyone else had one of these?

mrsblue - if you google Lithuanian Clothing Scam you will find your answer.


Don’t know if it’s still online but last year they had a very dodgy looking website. They were trying to collect in my area last summer.

ive had a bag this morning, but it seems to be from cancer research uk, i think this is probably the proper charity,

thanks for making us aware of things.

I had one of those a few weeks ago - I agree - very dodgy! Used it to put rubbish in.

In fact, I tend to get a lot of those type of charity bags put thru the letter box. The last one was “Blind Children’s Charity”. When you looked closely, it was an agency, so I guess another scam. I am tempted to put something very nasty in the bag courtesy of my dogs for them to collect next time!!!

I’ll only do the collection bag for the Great North Air Ambulance.

They didn’t collect the outer bag (with a note from me saying I take clothes to charity shops) on the appointed day, either!

Thanks Cathy for suggestion of using inner bag for bin liner.

We’ve also had Help the Aged leaving a doorstep collection bag, but at least with a UK charity we can post the bag to the company’s registered address or take the bag to its own charity shop.

Mrsblue, my gut reaction was that it was dodgy! I chucked it in the bin!

Oh yes, I wouldn’t think of leaving clothes in their bag. But as this is a forum for breast cancer support I would like to say a bit more about this matter.

It was because I myself have bc that I took a second look… and I read some of the stories on the donotdelay website, about Lithuanian women, and would expect that there is a genuine need there. Long before I was diagnosed with bc, I met an oncologist from Minsk, Belarus, who works with children affected by the Chernobyl disaster, and she took me and my husband on a tour of the hospital, when we were visiting Minsk where my son was teaching English in the university.

There are charities and “charities”, and plenty of scams, but if I had bc and lived in Lithuania, I wonder if I would have had the same opportunities of diagnosis and treatment that I have had at the Royal Marsden?.. and if not, because I have secondary bc, I might not be alive now. It’s not about donating because of guilt, or being foolish, but thankfulness for what I have received and a concern to help others if possible.

A difficult one though, as there are so many collections in my area and most of them don’t even have a charity number on them. So I stick to scouts, school and cancer research.

I did have that ‘why me?’ feeling when I was being treated as I knew how much money was being spent on me and I also know that people around the world die because they don’t have simple medicines or clean water. But in general I prefer to donate directly, it’s better for the charity.