Don't forget your free prescriptions

Just to remind anyone being treated for cancer (or know someone who is), you will be entitled to free scripts from 1st April.

The application forms are available from your GP surgery/hospital now. I work in a GP surgery and ours came in yesterday.

Also, if you have already bought a prepayment certificate (PPC), you will be entitled to a refund from 1st April. Apply for the exemption first and then once you have that you can send the prepayment card back to:

NHS Business Services Authority
PPC Issue Office
PO Box 854
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE99 2DE

telling them why you are claiming the refund.

Remember, (like me!) if you are paying for the PPC by direct debit to cancel it!

Love Caz xxx

Thanks Caz. i was thinking about how I could get a rebate on my prepayment card. A pharmacist told me i couldn’t get it and I knew she was wrong!I am very pleased


Thanks for the reminder Caz. I just know that without reminders this is something that would end up on the back burner and then end up a problem when I go for my next Tamoxifen prescription.

So off to GP this week to complete the relevant forms!


Thanks Caz. Asked my doctors today for the forms and they still dont have any. Will ask at the hospital on next visit. I have a PPC and pay monthly, so will have to sort that out to. This whole business regarding free prescriptions is a long time coming.
deb x

Hi Deb,

Your surgery really should have these now. If not, ask them to chase the PCT for supplies. (I work for a GP surgery and ours were in on 28th January - although my own docs (same PCT!) didn’t get them until almost a week later.

That said, don’t worry too much as, although they will send it, you can’t use it unil 1st April.

It is valid for ALL prescriptions.

Love Cax xxx

Thanks Caz
asked again last week and they still didnt have them, but will keep on at them!
Otherwise, will ask the hospital.