Don't I have enough to deal with??????

Guess what now???

We all went out for lunch yesterday with Grandad, including OH’s brother & wife who are over from France and staying with us! We were out for about 3 hours or so…when we came back there was water running down the outside of our drainpipe!!!

Inside…4 inches of water in the basement, water puring out of all the light fittings and a soaked hall and stairs carpet, and ruined wall paper in two rooms and the hall/landing - we have four floors and three lots of stairs!!!

I can’t believe how calm I have been about it all. On the positive side I look so much more attractive by candle light - we can’t put any lights on apart from lamps in sockets (the elcetricians checked them and we are okay to use those). I am just waiting for the de-humidifiers to be delivered. OH has cleared off with relatives and son to watch a football match, and I am going to go and see my sister where it is also dry!

The shower on the top floor has had a dodgy switch and we haven’t used it for 10 days as we are waiting for a part. It just picked while we were out to spontaneously start and overflow…for some reason the pump that moves the water away had also stopped working?

WE are going away in the van tomorrow (planned already) and leaving the kids to keep emptying the buckets. Last time we went away in January the boiler had packed in so we left them with no heating. Now we are leaving them with no lights! Cruel or what???

I hope evryone else is having a better weekend.

Soggy Sue x

Oh Sue…have a lovely weekend. It’s a good job you can remain so calm about it. Hope your home is back to normal asap. Take Care…x

Belinda, you are a star, so reliable with support and a metaphorical hug, thank you.

Sue x

Well Sue if anyone opitimisies ‘Stay Calm and Carry On’ its you girl , well bloody done. Enjoy the weekend away you so dererve it x

Oh Sue, I guess it never rains but it pours. But this time inside the house :wink:
Enjoy your break away and I’m sure the emptying of the buckets will be the making of your kids :slight_smile:
Nicky x