Don't know what to do with myself:(


I won’t bore you with all the details, but today I was told my lump is a Fibroadenoma, but there are also a bunch of abnormal cells in there too.

I have been booked in for the Wire thingy and lumpectomy on the 26th Apr. My cons said that on a scale of 1-5 (5 being bad) I’m a 3, which gives me a 20% chance of bc. I’m sure the op is precautionary, I guess I want to know how many are in the same boat, have been in the same boat and got off, and where you got off it! Please excuse the analogy!!

Would really just like to know what I’m dealing with

Thanks in advance xx

Hi Heidi, Sorry I can’t help with what you’re going through, but thought I’d just drop you a line to say that I’m thinking of you and hope everything goes well for you. The only thing I can say is to try to stay positive. I have secondary breast cancer in my liver and spine (after 18 cancer free years) so I do understand the shock and horror of it all. When this was diagnosed in January I knew what I was in for, but initally I was led to believe that I would probably die quite soon (My GP)! However, this is not the case and I’m now going down the usual chemo route and hopefully it’s working and I’ll have some more time. The chemo is not too bad at all, just the usual aches and pains. So please try to stay positive and know that people care and hope you stay well for many years. I’ll keep having a look on here to see how you are getting on. Lots of love and hugs, Dianne x x x

Oh I’m so sorry for what you are going through, its reading about ladies like you that make me feel rather sad and pathetic about myself worrying about something that probably won’t even materialize. Thank you for sharing your story, and likewise I’m thinking about you too. How awful, I really hope the prognosis is good for you, like you say you got 18 years of your like back in the face of adversity, you can do it again I’m sure <3


Hi Heidi. I’m not in the exact same situation, but similar. I found my lump back in November, after various time-wasting doctors appointments, I finally went to the Breast Clinic in February.

Doctor was lovely, had a physical exam and an ultrasound. It was measured as about 3.5cm. He said he was sure that it was a fibroadenoma but said he thought he “could see something” on the scan so ordered a lumpectomy.

I had this under general anaesthetic on Monday and am going back to work tomorrow. I don’t really feel up to it as I am still really quite sore and bruised but I kinda need to.

The care I received by everyone at the hospital was exemplary. After coming round from the anaesthetic, the surgeon came to see me and said he couldn’t tell me much from looking at it but that it would be tested.

I have an appointment on the 4th May to get the results.

You’re in my thoughts and I have my fingers crossed for you x

(I’m only 22 by the way)

Hi Msclairypants,

I wasn’t much older than you when I had my first Fibroadenoma removed, (I’m 29 now) I’ve had 3 out so far, and all turned out to be just that, nothing to worry about. You will be sore for a little while yet, dont rush yourself and dont do too much heavy lifting… sadly they recommend ironing and hoovering, lol

The scar will fade too, you will still see it, but only cuz you know its there. I keep my fingers crossed for you for your results too, the waiting in horrible.

I wish I could say more about the care I have received this time around… no where near as good as the 2 previous occasions ( I had 2 lumps removed, one in each breast in one operation)

If you want to know more, see my post in “have I got Breast Cancer” titled “I’m back… again” or something like that… that should give you a picture of what I’ve been through this time… not good :frowning:

Take care, and be sure to let us know how you get on, thinking of you too xx


I need advice! I was about 19 when I had two fibroadenomas removed from my left breast which were completely benign. Well about a year ago I felt two soft mobile lumps in what seems to be the exact same are as before. My GYN told me they felt like fibroadenomas and I was sent to my breast surgeon I saw before. I had an ultrasound done and the radiologist told me I should have them removed. Yet, my breast specialist said I could leave them in as well did my GYN. I am so confused and beyond worried. I am 21 years old almost 22 and I have pretty much convinced myself that I have BC. Yet doctors inform me I dont need them removed. Please help!

Hi peaceandlove

Welcome to the BCC forums, I am sorry to read that you are so worried at the moment, in addition to the help you will receive here please feel free to call our helpline for further support, your call will be free and confidential. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the line is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat. I

I have posted a link to the BCC factsheet about fibroadenomas which you may find helpful to read:

Take care

Hello, and sorry for not replying sooner to you.

If they are undoubtedly fibroadenoma, they do not nessecarily nned to have them removed, though I chose to have my last two ops as I didn’t want to have lumps in my breasts, benign or otherwise. Also sometimes (and only in rare cases) they do find them hiding cancers so some on here would advice you to do the same to be 100% sure.

Its natural to worry, but Fibroadenoma is not a cancerous condition and the only way to find out if yours has abnormal cells like mine did is to insist on a core biopsy and let the pathologists take a closer look.

This time I wasn’t given the choice, I got me biopsy results 2 weeks ago, and yesterday they removed the lump and some tissue. I hope for a benign result, but I have a 20-25% of BC, which is more unlikely than it is likely.

Go for the biopsy, put your mind at rest other wise it will eat away at your mind, thats my advice.

Let us know how you get on, if you want to ask me anything at all, please fire away, I’m really don’t mind helping if I can.


All came back fine :slight_smile: I’m cancer free, benign changes, phew !!


Hi My name is Binki, i am new to this site. i came across you post. i am so pleased your results have come back good, cancer Free (smiling) x