Don't know what to think.

Just looking for a bit of reassurance I suppose!
I found a small pea sized lump about 5weeks ago, I had a painful breast for about 2 weeks previously and I originally thought it was where a pen had dug into me from my tunic pocket, then I thought it was probably time of the month etc. Anyway after a telling off from my best friend I went to the doctors, I was really hoping that he was going to say he couldn’t feel it but he felt it straight away. It is very round and sore to touch, however recently it doesn’t seem as painful? He referred me to the breast clinic - but actually they didn’t receive the letter! So I chased it up yesterday (after nearly 2 weeks of not hearing anything) and today had a phone call from the hospital to make my appointment for 26th July.
I have also noticed today that I have a bruise the size of a 1p piece on the skin where the lump is. Is this common? Or just a coincedence? I was convinced it must be a small cyst but now getting worried.
Thanks in advance

 Hi, sorry you find yourself with this uncertainty hanging over you but you are doing the absolute right thing in getting checked out, there is no way of knowing what the lump is until it’s looked at but the majority of ladies reffered are given the all clear, most lumps are nothing sinister. Do you keep prodding the it? I ask as I’m sure this where the bruising would have come from , I had the same! Try not to drive yourself nuts thinking the worst as it’s likely not to be and the more you stress now the slower time will go, I know its not easy but all you can do is wait and see Xx Jo 

Thank you. I guess all I can do is wait and see. Thank you for replying x