Double biopsy this Friday... worried

Hi everyone… as usual Im having one of those moments where Im ok one minute and the next my brain has gone into overdrive…I was urgently referred on the 4th Oct- had a mammogram- ultrasound ( where they also found a mass)- needle core biopsy which came back inconclusive which has resulted in a double biopsy this Friday…up until now Ive thought im coping ok- keeping busy etc but I find Im not sleeping!!!.. is anyone else having this problem and has anyone experienced a second needle core biopsy??.. I am thinking of asking whether I can find out any results on the day… I have an appointment for my resluts and any finding on the 25th Oct…any advice or helpful ways of keeping calm would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi Sandra

Whilst you await replies our helpliners are on hand to offer you a listening ear and further support if you feel it would help give them a call on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

Take care


Hi Sandra,
Sorry you’re having to use this forum.
I had 3 core biopsies in total. had the first one, then had a second when another area of concern showed up on an MRI, then had a third when the radiographer wasn’t sure she’d biopsied the first area again by mistake the second time. Aaaaargh!
I think the best way to cope is to do whatever makes YOU feel better. Some people cope better by continuing with their ‘normal’ daily routine, some feel better by screaming, shouting - smashing something can be quite therapeutic! Most probably use a mix of the two.
Can’t give you any advice on difficulty sleeping tho’ I’m afraid. I still can’t sleep 8 months after dx. Rather than lie awake in bed tossing and turning , I get up, make a drink, watch TV, read - basically anything to distract my mind from those dark thoughts all too prevalent in the wee small hours.
Really hope you get good news, but either way, there’s lots of lovely people on this site who will help you to cope with whatever life throws at you.

Thanks Carrie for replying so quickly… Im usually get up and go person… I have to be in my line of work… (foster carer) always have a busy house with kids, grand kids etc. but as its getting nearer I seem to be having more “moments”… which can be rather difficult if im in the middle of playing games with the kids… My BCN rang me with the inconclusive results and reassured me, I think I just wasnt expecting everything to be done on the same day… and when the sister told me they were quite worried about me it threw me a little… OMG 3 core biopsies… I thought one was bad enough!!!..Im not a great sleeper at the best of times… hate the thought of disturbing my husband as hes finding it difficult… we have a great network of family and friends around us but Im trying to dissuade my heavily pregnant daughter not to come with me as she needs to concentrate on herself and not me at the moment… thanks again Carrie for your wise words… and I thank God for the internet in the early hours of the morning :-)))) xxx

Thinking of you Sandra the waiting really is the worst time. it’s only natural to have really negative times, time of panic and fear it’s so natural to feel overwhelmed! This forum has been of such comfort to me and I hope that you too can find comfort in knowing that people are really behind you wishing you well! The sleeping is so hard because when you lay down your mind just goes into overdrive! I found really tiring myself out was the only thing that worked because then I had no choice my body was so exhausted my house has never been cleaner through this past 10 days waiting!
Take care and keep us updated xx