Double lumpectomy is it the right decision ?

Hello everyone new to this forum , diagnosed recently , had my follow up appointment today after biopsy results told me I had 2 small idc lumps hormone sensitive approx 8mm and 12 mm in size , had a biopsy in lymph which showed clear. Had an mri last week to confirm if double lumpectomy possible results today show this is possible and they will also do sentinel node biopsy at same time. Operation booked for the 28th March . Have I made the right decision as they offered mastectomy as a possible option also but then went on to explain further that double lumpectomy should hopefully be enough. The information about the lymph node has kept me positive but now they explained about sentinel node procedure I’m scared that they will find something when I’m in surgery. I’m scared but positive. Consultant and BCN been really good. I’m 46 with a supportive husband and 2 gorgeous daughters aged 25 and 21 who have been amazing. Just wondering about other people’s experiences ? I have found this forum really helpful so far xx 

Hi Hddh, sorry you find yourself here and welcome the the forum.  I think it can be difficult to compare as everyone’s situation is different.  In your case it sounds like your medical team are confident that the lumpectomy is suffice so I’d be guided by that.  If you want to chat with others who are having surgery you may get a better response if you post in the “going through treatment” “surgery” thread on this forum.  I hope all goes well for you. X