Double mastectomy with recon - 2 1/2 years on x

Hi All!


Just after some advice and to see if anyone else has experienced this x


I’m a 54 year old who was diagnosed with a large Grade 2 invasive ductal breast cancer in October 2015 (no lymph involvement found so no chemo) I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in November 2015 as there were also ‘changes’ in the other breast.


I had the ‘strattice’ technique but using my own skin.


Everything has been relatively ok other than a couple of scares and whilst my breasts are not the prettiest they look fine under clothing!


A couple of thigs are bothering me:

  1. From the start my left breast has been lopsided - almost sideways and going under my armpit - again not a problem as my bra pulls it into shape! lol The last couple of weeks however it’s been really painful and I’m worried something has gone wrong :frowning:   - any advice?


  1. On my right breast (at the same site as the tumour was) there is a little lump between the implant and the skin. It feels like a very little peanut! :confused:  - how do secondaries present on a reconstructed breast? 


  1. I’ve developed a nagging pain in my coccyx (think that’s how it’s spelt!) that gets really bad when I sit upright for more than 10/15 minutes! Anyone else had this??


I’d really apreciate some advice and support at the moment as I have such a lot of things going on in my personal life that I’m putting off seeing about my boobies/bum as I’m feeling a bit weak!!



Sorry - my mastecomies were in November 2014 - not 2015!! :confused: x

Hello Mammycat,

sorrry I haven’t replied sooner only just read your post.


I didn’t have the same operation as you had a Masectomy and reconstruction using my tummy fat.


I think that you should really speak to a BCN.  From other posts I have read I am sure there is something they can do to help, and any lump is worth getting checked out, I had a scan on my operated armpit as it felt lumpy to my oncologist so she wanted to make sure everything was OK…thankfully it was (phew) and was told it was normal scaring!.  But if there is one thing I’ve learnt through all this and reading other posts is DO NOT suffer in silence as there is normally something that can be done and the biggest NoNo is not getting something you are concerned about checked out, worrying normally over something especially as 9/10 it is “normal” Is bad for your health and if on the rare occasion it isn’t normal then sooner treated sooner mended xx


Sorry to hear you are having other problems too.


sending big hugs and love to you.  Hope everything goes well, remember you are not alone even if it feels like it sometimes,  we are all here for you.  During the toughest times in my life I have always found the saying “this too will,pass” a comfort, because it normally does.


Let me know how you get on.