Double mx and immediate reconstruction with implants

Has anyone else had this kind of operation? If so, what was your experience - of the period post surgery and the ultimate outcome? I’m quite concerned about how incapacitated I’m going to be after the operation - will even be able to raise my arms far enough to put on my wig? Any advice much appeciated - thank you!

QHi Marie Else sorry that you find yourself on this board but it is the place where you will get the information you require from those ladies that have already been through the procedure!
2 .5 years ago I had db mx with tissue expanders inserted. Are you having silicone implants or saline ones? I had the tissue expanders eventually replaced with silicone ones. I had issues with these an dhave just had DIEP reconstruction done!
My issues were mainly around the radiotherapy that damaged the skin!
You will be able to raise your arms to get your wig on immediately and lift a kettle- not filled to make a cup of tea!!There are some helpful exercises post op that you can start almost immediately on this site. After 4 weeks you will be able to most things. Hope this is helpful.

Hi Marie Else,


I had a right side implant August bank holiday weekend 2015 so now had it for 18 months. I had never had any surgery before and was utterly terrified that I’d be in agony for weeks and not be able to do anything. Those thoughts could not have been further from the truth. I was up an about the next day chatting to people on my ward and doing the exercises. Being right handed I imagined I would be in a right old state and be really incapicated but I had no problems getting about and doing simple tasks around the house. I had long hair at the time and worried that I’d not be able to put it up but I managed just fine. The first week or so when you have to avoid getting your dressings wet mean that having a bath or shower can be a bit of a challenge but it’s all doable. I can honestly say that it was an awful lot easier than I ever imagined and the pain was very manageable.


One tip, if you take the strong painkillers that the hospital sometimes provide, make sure you have lots of fibre in your diet and supplies of senna tables as constipation can be a major issue. Sorry, you probably didn’t come here for that info but I’d say that was the biggest nuisance post-surgery for me and I’m sure some of the other folks here would agree. My BCN also told me to eat good quality protein (fish and eggs especially) leading up to and during recovery from surgery as this helps with tissue healing.


Although I would rather have my old boob back, 18 months on and I’m still really happy with the result. I have been very fortunate and I hope you will be too.


Good luck.


Marie Else,


Just realised I missed the fact that you are having a double mx and recon whereas mine was only a single. Obviously that might make things a bit more challenging but I suspect, like Rosie says, it won’t take long before you are back to doing most normal things. Don’t feel guilty about taking it easy and letting others take the strain while you are recovering. The time will pass quicker than you expect.


Ruth xx

Hello, I am due to have a single left MX with immediate reconstruction with implants. However, I am so small chested that even the smallest implant is bigger than my current size! So I have to have a little implant put on the right too. I have young kids so I’m concerned about the long recovery too. My poor husband will be going part time over that period to manage things. Reassuring to hear that recovery may not be as bad as I’m expecting x 

Showering and letting soap and water run over your breast incisions is a good idea as well. I know there are doctors that say not to get the incisions wet. But I feel like, how is not showering and sweating and letting your grime get over your fresh incisions a good thing?! You don’t have to scrub your incisions or submerge in water but nothing wrong with letting soap and water clean your incisions in the shower. before and after photo of Breast augmentation.

I have had a bi lateral mastectomy, BUT the surgeon did mine 4 months apart, I had no problems raising my arms on both occasions, in fact on the first op we had 4 friends come to stay with us two weeks after the surgery and I was showing them London!    I had immediate reconstruction on both using implants on both and felt fine, I think I was out of action for two weeks