double mx and lymph clearance with immediate recon with implants

Hi everyone.

Im booked in for surgery on the 14th august and starting to get a bit panicy. already had a wle in Feb which i healed really well from but worried i wont heal the same now I’ve had chemotherapy. wondering if any lovelies would share their experiences with me good or bad. or if anyone has had a double mastectomy is there any does or donts you’d advise.

lots of love x x

Hello, I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate recon using expanded and axillary clearance on my left side. I had chemo first and healed brilliantly - no infections or seromas and scars are now very faint.

I had to take it easy for a week - mainly as I couldn’t lift things or walk my dog - but was fine pottering around. After a week I was out andabout again.

Front opening nighties are good. My surgeon recommends wearing a front opening bra post surgery to reduce the likelihood of seromas and for shaping. After you’ve healed you probably won’t need to wear a bra as your muscle holds them in place - but I’m back wearing my old bras - mainly as I worry about leaning over etc - would rather someone saw my bra than my recon!!

Let me know if you have any questions. Hope it all goes well.