Double mx with immediate LD reconstruction recovery time?

I am due to have double mx with immediate LD reconstruction in Feb and have had conflicting advise about recovery time, from 6 weeks to 4 months. Anyone had similar who’d like to share their experiences please?

Hi Orchard
Sorry you haven’t had a reply as yet, it is pretty quiet at the moment on here, whilst you await replies here’s a link to the BCC reconstruction information which may help:

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Hi I had double MX and immediate reconstruction 2 years ago.It is big surgery it takes time to heal. i was able to drive after 4 weeks but do give yourself time as I could not sleep on my side for 3 months and had limited strength . so give yourself at least 4 - 6 months to really recover -.Happy to share more info if you need it - good luck .

Hi, I have just had bilateral DIEP. I had a catheter in for 3 days and drains for 3or 4. I was discharged on day 7. They usually discharge on day5 unless it is bilateral and or you live far away. And of course if your recovery is slow. I imagine it would be a bit less for LD as its a shorter op. I think ( don’t quote me!) that if you have strattice as part of the reconstruction, drains stay in longer. I had this when I had my mastectomies and had drains in for 2 weeks.
A very good source of info is to Google " patient information sheets LD flap". You will then find info from various hospitals. There is always some minor variation in the details but this will give you the most accurate info. Also well worth speaking to one of the reconstruction nurses.
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Hi Orchard, I’m currently 4.5 weeks post op for exactly that. Post-op i had six drains, one in each breast site & two either side in my back. This does make getting comfortable an issue but the pain meds really help!! I had a catheter as well. Removal of the drains does improve things and I came home after 8 days (I was longer than usual but only because I needed a blood transfusion that wasn’t spotted until 4 days post-op … Grrrr! It meant I was unable to get out of bed as soon as expected & so the drains had to stay in longer.)
I had been told by my PS that it would be 4 weeks recovery and by the pre-op nurse that it would be 8 weeks. I had planned to start a phased return to work at the end of Feb but to be honest am not sure now how realistic that is as I am still in a reasonable amount of discomfort.
Might be worth my saying that I’m 44 and pre-op was very fit & active, running most days & long distance at weekends. The realisation that this doesn’t actually make me superwoman has hit hard!!!
Do feel free to PM me if you have any questions. It’s all still very early days so ask whatever you would like. I am very open & will be as honest as you would like me to be. I wish I had found this site pre-op, I would have felt much better prepared.
Lisa x

P.S. Just noticed the date of your post. Hope my reply wasn’t too late. If it was, hope all has gone well & the offer to PM still stands xx