Double Reconstruction

Yikes! Just had a call to say I can have my second MX and double reconstruction on 4th June! Anyone else had the same op with 2 children (aged 3 & 9) just worrying for how long I’ll need help in/around the house. Getting them to school etc, recovery period etc Any advice most welcome x

Don’t know if I’ll be much help Just had a mastectomy and LD flap reconstruction on my left side. Your recovery will depend on the type of reconstruction. I can not lift any thing and am very sore and swollen. Get tired easy. Driving is going to be a while. Give your local breast care nurse a call I found mine very supportive. Hope you find some help.

Hi, thanks for the comments. Just wondering if anyone else out there has had MX and double reconstruction could offer any advice, thanks.

Hi. I had a double masctomy and a diep reconstruction at the end of November. I am not a mother myself but I do work as a nanny so understand the problem with picking up kids etc. it all depends what reconstruction you have. With mine I was unable to drive for 6 weeks and didn’t pick up any children for at least 8 weeks. I felt okay moving around the house if it was slowly and had my most trouble getting up and down off the sofa and out of bed. As you are double you don’t have a good side to roll on and help. It is tough but I’m so pleased I pushed to have it done. After almost three years into my remission I had my op to put to bed any worries I had with it coming back and now I have a new lease of life. I’m six months down the line and still have a few stomach issues but I’m back working and totally fine. Just take it easy and listen to your body. Good luck. Let us know how you get on xx

Hi ladies, I had the op on 4th June, 8 day stay in hospital and I can honestly say I am so pleased I had it done. I do need another small op to even up my boobs, one was made from a total flat chest and the other was made from my existing size 36E boob, that side is droopier that the other but I’ve had absolutely no issues with my boob(s) or tummy x