Doughy lumpy breast

Hi had wle and snb on 17th may. Still very sore breast and it seems so lumpy above and around the scar. Can I assume this is quite normal? They found a very small dcis to the right of the tumour and removed that also. I only had one sentinel node and that had a “micro met” in it. 0.2mm. The gold standard for Bradford is level 2 axillary clearance for the met and I am booked in for this on 20th June. They are also going to check the margins on the dcis which was so small didnt show up on mammogram/us. My questions are does anyone have experience of lumpy breast and/or also a micro met? I amo told in other areas oncs believe that chemo and rads mop up tiny dcis and micro met. Thanks jenben

Hi Jenben,
I Had wle 16mm with 2mm clearance plus trace in central node which was tested, then they removed 8 others. ( all others clear).6th April 2011. I still get some discomfort and pain but not constant from inside left breast. However have lumpy doughy feeling and visual to side of breast but near node removal site not wle. Guess its because fluid isn’t absorbed as easily now. Was given no real info about node just trace and to be honest have not thought about asking for more details maybe will follow up.
Virtual hug at least we were found. Chris

Hi folks

I am so glad I have come across this thread. I had a WLE last September and have since completed chemo and rads. Now on Herceptin and Letrozole. However, I often feel like my breast is ‘not right’. When the paranoia kicks in I think it must be the cancer going on in there. Then I try to reasure myself that when I was seen by the Nurse Specialist in May she was not concerned with the lumpiness I showed her and the strange sensations I feel in the breast and in my armpit. I guess it is something I just need to get used to. The advice I was given was to remain aware of how it feels currently and be tuned in to any change in that - difficult to do sometimes! I also find wearing a bra quite uncomfortable at times, although other times I am totally unaware of it. My next review is in August so will likely ask for some more reassurance then! Like others, so glad I picked up the lump being there early. Margins were clear and no lymph involvement - so I should hang on that as the positive. Good luck to all. J.

Hi folks

I had a WLE last February and then had 6 FEC and 20 Rads I am also on Letrozole. Two weeks ago I felt as if my breast was lumpy and sore. I was seen by my consultant and sent for an ultrasound.

Everything was clear and the consultant told me I have Fibrosis in my breast, which makes it feel hard and lumpy at times. He said lots of ladies get this as a side effect of the radiotherapy.

Hope this is of some help to you.


Hi Anne

Thanks. Your posting helped me. I do think there are times when we undoubtedly think the worst and it is posts like yours that help me put a bit of perspective back into my thinking. J.

I asked my bcn about it this week. she didnt see it but was certain it was scar tissue and the small reconstruction they had to do. she said it could last for months. I am reassured as when I have felt it again it seems to run in a line above the wle scar. I am going for a further wle and lymph node removal on 20th, and so I guess it will all start again!