Hi everyone I recieved the awful news I had breast cancer in 2003 it was a few days before Xmas and I had recently lost my brother I was devasted around this time I got back in touch with an old friend she was starting a breast cancer survivor dragonboat team the first in UK in Liverpool it was called pool of life we launched October 2005 with ladies who had never been in a boat or some who had never dine much exersise the next summer those ladies travelled to singapore and won three bronze and a silver medal in the world breast cancer survivor dragonboat championships we where all so excited .
Since then many more teams in other cities have sprung up thanks to the work if the ladies from paddlers for life windamere sue and louise etc they work tirelessly to help people with breast cancer last year I travelled to Canada with them and another team pink champagne we had a truely inspirational time met ladies and gents from all over the world.
Teams are now setting up all over the uk we have had some interest from north wales people and bala lake has been identifyied as a perfect place to set up as they already have water sports facilites in place .
If any ladies would be interested setting up a team in the north wales area or anywhere in great Britain please contact sue Cogley paddlersforlife.com
dragonboating is brilliant I can speak for myself I have never felt better I have loads of friends great energy levels and I have travelled half way around the world …we also have nurses doctors and other health proffesionals who join us and they are equally amazed at how it certainly cheers us all up.
All ages welcome also friends and family can join in too.
Hope to see some of you soon xxxxxxxxx

Hi Karen
Just noticed your post and am really pleased that you are doing so well with the boating.
I tried to set up a group a few years back in the south east/london area, but had little or no interest which was really disheartening. I had a lot of family illness which needed my time so I was unable to pursue any further. It was a real shame as not only was it beneficial in terms of lymphodema exercise but an arena that anyone could join in irrespective of age and ability.

Hi Karen & Gwyn59

I’d love to be part of a dragonboat team! I live in London and wonder if there are any other women who’d be interested? Gwyn59 I see that you were, but I guess we need more than two of us?!

I’ve joined a local canoe and kayak group as I love kayaking, but have only got out once on the water, but am hopeful I will be back out there again in the spring! I don’t fancy breaking through the ice!


HI everybody

I’m just setting up a team in Manchester - Paddlers of Life Manchester. I’m trying to get some enthusiastic team members so that I can get a boat launched this year. Please post if you’re interested and I’ll get back in touch.

It really is great following your treatment for BC.


Hi Anniemay,
I’m a local and need to know a little bit more, but i am interested!

Attended a meeting on Saturday in Edinburgh to discuss a network of paddling teams in the UK. It was great, we now have teams in Liverpool, Edinburgh, Wigan, Windermere, Bournemouth, Worcester and teams trying to start in Manchester, Yeovil, Peterborough. Its growing. Come on Manchester ladies, lets get the team up and running here.

We are now up and paddling in Manchester at Debdale Outdoor Centre. Come and join us for some fun and exercise. Its a great exercise following treatment of BC - you just need to try it.


We’re paddling each Wednesday night at Debdale Outdoor Centre at 6.00pm, probably until the end of September. We have a boat, we have he water, but we need more BC ladies/men to join us. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send further details but you can always look on the web site for www.paddlersforlife.co.uk to get more info.

Come and join us, its a great way to exercise following BC and you don’t have to be super athletic to join in. There are 20 of us in the boat, mostly BC, but some supporters do join us.

Hi Anniemay - just wanted to give support for your new venture and wish you luck. When I was first diagnosed with BC in 1997 I joined a dragon boat team in Auckland, New Zealand called Busting With Life. It was great in that you meet so many others going through BC and our team was made up of ladies (and one man) from the age of 29 through to 75!! We went to loads of regattas both domestic and overseas and the sport is just growing and growing. Good luck for getting a team together!


Ooohhh in Peterborough. Will check that out. Would live to do it :slight_smile:

any idea how I get in touch with the Peterborough group?