drained cyst that is still there?

Hi, I recently found a small pea like lump by my nipple on my left breast. I had a mamagram and an ultra sound and was told that I had a lot of cycsts (they only checked my left breast) the cysts were drained and i was tender for a few days so didn’t poke about but now that I have, the lump that i went about originally is still there.

Should i go back or do you think this is just a cyst that was to small to drain. The other thing i wanted to ask was that i thought when a cyst was drained it was not blood coloured? Well mine was and i know that is was not sent off to be checked. I am still worried but dont like to question the professionals. What do you all think?

Dear hollybeany,

Welcome to the forums. I am sure the other forum members will soon be along to offer support.

Breast Cancer Care would always recommend you see your health professionals if you have any concerns over your health. You can also phone our Helpline for information and support. They will be open at 9.00am. The number is 0808 800 6000.

Very best wishes

BCC Facilitator

Hi Hollybeany
From what l understand a cyst can come back, l think there are different types of cysts, so they can have blood in them. Trying to remember when a friend of mine had them drained, she had it done twice then surgically removed.
But the most important thing to remember is it is your body, and no matter what any doctor tells you, if you are not happy, you must go back
Take Care
Sandra xxx

Hi Hollybeany,

I have had cysts drained a few times, they can come back, but if you can still feel the lump you first went about, please don’t hesitste to ask for a secound opinion, the professionals are not always right.

If you are concerned, you are within your rights to been seen again or by another consultant.

I hope you get things sorted as soon as possible, if you feel something that is still not normal for you, then ask for another opinion.
Take care Sandrae x x x