Hello everyone.

I had a left sided mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction on Wednesday and was aloud home today with 2 drains in. 1 going to the breast and 1 from the lymph node I had removed.

In 24 hours I’m still losing 60mls from one and 100mls from the other.

I just wanted to check with you ladies that had been through this if this is still quite normal and when I should expect it to slow down a bit and how long after surgery are they usually removed.

Won’t see anyone now until Monday unless emergency.



Perfectly normal my surgeon likes there to be less than 50ml in 24hrs, i had one in for 12 days after recon and still developed a seroma when it came out ?

As mentioned this is normal. My drains were in for a total of 10 days as my surgeon says 10ml in 24 hours as I has strattice with the implant. I had a bmx, had 6 drains in after the operation and came home 2 days later with 4. They drove me mad but I understand now this was for the best as it stopped the swelling and infection. I’ve had no probs since drains were removed, just a little tender etc. good luck with your recovery and remember to do the exercises as they certainly help XXX

I had only 1 drain after lumpectomy and full axillary node clearance and produced loads of fluid. The surgeon wanted to see 30ml within 24h to take them out, hopefully on day 3/4 and let me go home. Nobody mentioned to let me go home with the drains in place.
After day 4 I still produced 70+ mls. Day 5 I had even more but I was told the drains are coming out and I could go home, the body needs to figure out to deal with the fluid.
I know of others who had full node clearance and no drains at all.

The Seroma developed slowly but surely and 2 weeks later I was not happy anymore. The BC nurse who saw me said she couldn’t see a real Seroma issue. Apparently there were worse.
4 days later I was feeling unwell, started a temp and actually developed an infection, ended up in hospital for a week over Xmas - on intravenous antibiotics.
They did drain the Seromas on 2 days during that time and collected 750ml! The latter was all infected. The same BC nurse did admit that it was more than she anticipated. Apparently it was in many Seroma pockets, and deeper under the skin than she seen before.

I have another lymphnode op coming up, I think I will want any drains longer, every body is different, and push for proper check ups. I don’t want to experience that again.
On the other hand, I will probably follow what I am being told by the medical professionals …


I had right side mx with immediate recon with strattice on Thursday. Sent home following day with one drain. So far I’m getting about 150 mls a day. Have been told to expect it to remain for up to two weeks (poss longer) and they won’t remove until I have two consecutive days of 35 mls or less xx

that sounds normal, can be removed 7-10 days, sounds very healthy to me!!! take care.

Hi there


I am due to have a  left sided mascetomy with immeadiate implant reconstruction. I was told that I would have a drain which I am very likely to go home with. I live alone and find managing the drain daunting especially when there could be problems e.g infections, leakage etc


Has anyone had that problem being home alone with a drain or two to manage.




I had LD Flap and Implant recon 2 weeks ago. I had 4 drains in initially. 2 were removed on day 3 and I was discharged on day 5 after having 1 drain out. I was shown by nurse how to empty the drain myself and measure the output which I had to note and report when I returned to hospital for check up.
My final drain was removed in day 10. I’ve been given lots of advice on what to look out for in terms of seroma etc.
I’m feeling physically ok. Stiff and tender but otherwise nothing else to note. I’m heading back to work next week. I only do 6 hour days so will be doing half days next week and see how I feel after that. I still can’t drive but it’s only 2 weeks and I’ve limited movement at the moment but with my exercises I’m getting better day by day.