drastic hair dye before chemo?


after being told this morning i’ll need a mx because of further tumour (had wle and anc last weekend), i’m thinking of having a radical hair do to cheer me up. short and bright copper or purple or something. after all it will soon all be gone.

is there any reason i shouldn’t, that anyone knows? i know i’ll lose my hair so no need to worry about that, not going to try the cold cap. i spose if it takes, say, a month for chemo to start and my hair doesn’t fall out immediately i’ll look a bit silly with the regrowth and won’t want to spend more money on dyeing it again …

any thoughts?

judes xx

Hi Judes,as long as you already colour your hair,it is ok to continue if not a skin test is needed,before carrying out a colour treatment,some hairdressers are loath to treat a cancer patient.whilst on chemotherapy ,your hair generally falls on around the 14th day or later and it is wise after chemo and new hair growth not to colour for 6 months although daniel field mail order do a natural colour which seems to be just a hair stain and still needs a sensitivity test.I am a hairdresser, was a lecturer in local technical college,am 77 now had mastectomy and full node clearance 28 affected nodes so now on chemo had to fight for it because of age,when your hair starts to fall, bite the bullet and have it clipper cropped,my picture is a suede head now rubbed off,got my wig yesterday,still playing with it.
Good Luck with your decision and Mastectomy

thanks mavis, you are *not* 77!

Hi Judes
Thanks for compliment,Onc thought I was too old ,surgeon disagreed said I was young 77,found lump on my birthday ,feel 87 today due had Tax yesterday so some sid effects,2nd treatment so know what to expect,I tried to do too much last time.Please be kind to your self these forums are very informative and one doesnt feel so alone with it all,the site itself is very informative and safe, there is a lot of scary stuff on google.If you want a fantasy mad thread go to the Dark,Dark Wood it is mad,bad and funny.

Good for you Judes. Go for it! And when you do eventually lose your hair there are some lovely coloured wigs on ebay quite cheap. I had a bright red bob wig which everyone loved. It was a colour I had always wanted to dye my hair but had never been brave enough.

And Mavis, You certainly don’t look anywhere near 77! I hope I look that good at your age!


I did exactly that!
went from v dark brunette to platinum blonde. best thing I ever did.

mine all fell out anyway and it makes no diff to the quality of the hair when it grows back after chemo.

I would have never died my hair as it was so dark and thick and shiny and lovely (so I was told!!) and hairdressers always forbade me.

But in this situation it was soooo the right thing to do.
So much fun and it looked cool and gave me summat really fun to mess about with. takes the focus off other sh*t!
cant recommend enough. Cannoli - XXX

btw even if you do cold cap i wouldn’t dye while on chemo.
the effect of hair falling out can make your scalp sensitive plus I believe even on cold cap it’s not like normal malting.
large clumps of hair come out in the shower, on pillow and hairbrush (sorry). for e.g. i wanted an Indian head massage the day after my hair started coming out but knew I wouldn’t be ready to shave hair for a week or tow. the therapist said in that case she woudlnt do massage as too much friction so hairdresser might feel the same. you might end up with semi dyed hair on the floor of the salon. sorry don’t meet to be alarmist or anything - just saying how it was for me.
I got mine dyed, flaunted it for about a month or month and a half and then 2 weeks after 1st chemo (i didn’t do cold cap - too lazy) it started coming out. 2 weeks later I had it clippered off to a grade2.