Dreaming of hair!!

Dreaming of hair!!

Dreaming of hair!! Hi to you all

I just wondered if anyone else keeps dreaming they have hair again?

I am 1 week past my last chemo, and I have just begun to dream that my hair grows back. The thing is, it always grows back long immediately, I think I am in for a big disappointment!!

I keep having this dream, at least every other day. Does anyone have any idea how long before my actual hair is liable to make an appearance?

Can’t wait to see how it comes back, as it was red and wavy, but somehow I think it will have changed. Oh well, time will tell.

Love to you all


How long is it now…??? I have had all my chemo and have one RT to go. I never really lost all of my hair, it just went very thin, so I shaved it off. I seems to be growing more each day (or is it just my imagination). I must say, I am a little obsessed with it at the moment, massaging my head with baby oil every other day.
Can anyone give advice on how to ‘promote’ hair growth? and how many of you coloured you hair? mine is dark grey and white (salt and Pepper) once I get rid of the bloody scarf and want to be able to go out in public with a bit of colour in my hair.

Hair growth. Hi Deborah,
I can’t say I’ve had dreams about my hair growing back, but it’s now 1/2 inch long but not long enough to go with out my head scarf. It’s quite thick on the top but my fringe is very short and will take ages to grow back to a good lengh.
Had my last EC chemo in Oct and noticed my hair was growing back a month later. It just looked like a 12 o’clock shadow all over my head. I had previously shaved mine off two weeks after my 1st chemo when it started to fall out.
Have to say my hair was always auburn in colour and I dyed it a similar shade but it’s grown back black, with a bit of grey all over. My hair was also wavy before and has grown back wavy also.
Here’s to those happy hair days again.

Hair Days Hi just been reading your posts, i finished chemo in Sep and my hair is only about 2 ins on top and less on the back sounds good but i have no fringe and it looks silly, it came back really thick and curly, it looks like a perm, cant wait till its long enough to use straighteners. To think i used to moan about spending ages doing my hair, i miss it so much.
I was told you could not use dye on your hair for 6 months only veg dye from Holland and Barret, ive been using it but it only lasts a few weeks and its £8.99 not sure if its true, anyone heard anything, i would love to go back to blonde rather than mousey brown and grey.

Love Polly x

Hi Deborah

Your Post made me smile, I too have dreamt of my hair growing back. In my dreams I see myself brushing and styling my hair which has grown to some length overnight! How funny.

Right now, I can feel stubble on my head. Its very exciting, though I cant stop examing my head everyday, to see if there is more coming through.

My hair was curly and dark though I did colour and straighten it. Im hoping it grows back straight, LOL.

I used to complain about the time it took to do my hair. I will not complain again eh…well hopefully not!

Its nice to share funny chat of our experiences.

Michelle x

Chemo Cut!! Well Girlies… The only thing you can be sure of is that it does Grow Back!!! I should know I lost mine twice in 2003 (two lots of Chemo) To be honest it was short and curly before I started so there would have been no surprises there for me! However miracle of miracles would you believe my grey bits came back dark!!! I discovered this while “plucking” out the dreaded grey hairs (as you do!) only to find that half way down the length of the hair it had changed back to black (dark brown really). I was well chuffed I can tell you. However, don’t go advocating it as a cure for grey hair (much much tooooooo drastic as we all know - yuck!) Have to say the grey is back now (after three years) but still not as much as before …amazing, very strange! But after these last four years…nothing surprises me anymore… Just go with the flow…and your life with come back…eventually :o)))

Love Joyce x