dreaming Weds appt had passed

dreaming Weds appt had passed

dreaming Weds appt had passed Hi, I know its Monday,but i have been restless all day. I know I am going to have a scan on Wednesday ,maybe a mammogram , maybe a FNA, I am on that rollercoaster Philomena talked of.

I dreamt last night I had already been ,done it, but didnt stay asleep long enough for the result, cos the wind was battering my bedroom window and woke me up!

So tomorrow is going to be ‘mind over matter’ my ache,i first spoke of ,feels like a bruise tonight,it always hurts more at night.

its my daughter’s Christmas panto tomorrow night ,so that will take my mind off my appt, then Thursday the tests will be done.
I will be back to let you know
needing a cyberhug

cyberhugs Why settle for one cyberhug, Rachel, when you can have armfuls - I’m sending billions and trillions your way. The waiting somehow gets worse the nearer the date so think warm cuddly cocoons of loving support from us all here and then make a list of everything your kids have done that has made you laugh. In fact, why not tell us about it? Will be thinking of you on Wednesday and keeping fingers crossed - in fact my fingers get crossed so often since I found this chat forum that I think it might be permanent! Loads of love and cyberhugs from P. xx

Big Cyberhugs!! Aw Rachel - you know you have my cyberhugs - loads of them…
Thinking of you and wishing you the very best for Wednesday… not long to go now and then you’ll know what it is you’re dealing with…

I admire you and the positive way you seem to deal with everything in your life.
I’ve remarried now, but know what it was like during those years when I was on my own with my 4 children… I appeared to be strong on the outside but I was all marshymallowy on the inside at times… keep smiling… and come here for as many cyberhugs as you need… we’re all here for you…

Roberta (aka RainbowWalker) xxxxxx

Hiya Roberta, i have been busy at work , on calls all day , well on and off, had this website open all day though ( my comfort blanket :wink: I am waiting for Lynda to reply to her link to see what happened today when she went,it might ease things a bit.

How am I ? well ,being busy has helped, then every now and again i get an instant message ’ What times your appt tomorrow’ or ‘how are you today ?’ and then I start to thing and my mind goes on overdrive.
I have tried to push it to the back of my mind all day. I think its the unknown thats bothering me .
I am supposed to be going out with work colleagues tomorrow night in Manchester for a few hours and am thinking , will I be stocked up with pain killers cos I had a FNA ?
anyway - back to it - another work call !
catch ya later

Thanks for all the cuberhugs P & RW

Good to be kept busy…

Have a good time this evening and good luck tomorrow… keep us informed!

Luv n hugs

RW x

hey rachel where abouts in manchester do you live? I am originally from heywood.Scary as it is to admit that(onlyJoking) just in case anyone takes offence. debbi x x

good luck… I just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow and I hope you find nemo!

Thinking of you with everything crossed for a good day…( not a pretty sight I can assure you!!)

Let us know how you get on and if you can squeeze anymore cyberhugs in then they are on their way…

lol & giggles,


panto Hiya,
The panto went well ,really good ! my daughter and God Daughter were brilliant, i feel like I had 2 kids sometimes. Mine is now fast asleep ,dreaming of Snow White!
Then here I came, cant stay away, caught all of the cyberhugs, thank you everyone, you all make me smile, I have never come across such a great , caring lot of people before, all in the same place.

Debbi, i come from the Pennines really, just work in Manchester, not too far away.
I stood at the train station tonight wondering,looking at everyone, thinking are they on this website ? Have I read anyones message who is milling around on this platform ! Then my thoughts were broken as the train arrived and the bum fight for a seat began ! lol

I had better get my letter out now and see what I need for tomorrow, its been swiftly tucked away in a drawer all week.
I will be back with you all tomorrow , I promise , i cant give a time yet,i might not be logged on until later on.

Hugs back atcha all!
Thank you
Rachel x


Just wishing you luck for your appointment today.

Luv Lynn x

I am back in work and OK Hi All , I am out ! I am OK.

I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be , the rain was a huge distraction this morning , dodging puddles and small rivers, I had some fun with my mum , she came with me. My appt was 0935. I sat in a room with a lot of other people who were watching the tv, I was people watching , there seemed to be a mixture of people, not all in for what I was in for.
My name was called about 1015, my stomach did a summersault but I was greeted with a smile from the nurse .that made a huge impression on me.
I was taken to a small room, asked to take my bra off ,keep my tee shirt on while the DR came and spoke with me, he had such a warm bedside manner.
He asked numberous questions about my lumpectomy , where the pain is , when the pain occurs. Then after my life was put on paper he examined me. He noticed lumps ,but they were the same in both breasts so he wasn’t concerened, and where I thought I may have another lump he said it would be the scar tissue.
I was sent for a scan by my Doctor but he said they didn’t perform then at this hosp ! hmmm… So my mum asked if I was to have a mammogram , he said I was too young , 37, because the area in a younger persons breast has too much mass and nothing would be seen. I had no needles,cos there wasn’t a lump, the needle didn’t bother me really, in the end, because I remember the needle not hurting last time, just ached a bit afterwards.
So I was sent home with a leaflet about lotions and potions to cure me ! lol – evening primrose oil , or Starflower and other medicines. I don’t mind the natural stuff,but not the medical tablets suggested,I wont be taking them .
The nurse has breast pain, she empathised, I told her my concern was because the pain was where I had my lumpectomy.
I feel really lucky , after reading more on this site last night, I felt a fraud when I came out of hosp this morning , because so many ladies are going thro such tough times on here.

Valerie for Thursday, hugs for you darling , I hope my little essay here, helps ease your mind a bit.

Roberta ? have you an appt yet ?

Thanks to everyone for the cyber hugs and good wishes.
I am hooked to this site now , I am staying :slight_smile:


celebrations! I’m absolutely delighted for you! And yes - do stay in the forum. It’s great fun! Think of all the cyberhugs you’ll be able to give others… Loads of love from P.xx

hiya Im glad you are ok, but what? you cant have a mammogram because you are too young… Hello increasing number of cases of breast cancer in younger women.What is going on?I am only 38 and I was referred straightaway for a mammo and as it turned out I was unlucky and did indeed have cancer.I think it varies from doctor to doctor but I totally think they should all have the same policy.ANYBODY with any concerns should be entitled to a mammo and I know people will say they (NHS) cant afford it, but all I can say is WHY NOT? peoples lives could be at risks here.Right I have had my rant now and I am going to make tea.I am really pleased for you nemo lol debbi x x

Been thinking of you… Hi Rachel,

Been thinking of you all day! You must feel relieved? Great news!

And I’m glad you say you’re staying because I need your hugs for Monday 11th December
(Got a mammogram and scan at 1.50 then clinic appointment at 2.40pm)

Give your little Snow White a big hug from me because I’m so pleased for her Mum…

((( O )))

Roberta x

Hi Rachel

That’s fantastic news, you must be so pleased.

I can’t believe what they said about the mammogram, it’s ridiculous how can they come out with that!! I know I’m slightly older than you at 41, but they did not hesitate to send me for one.

Anyway you take care.

Luv Lynn x