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having problems with dressings four days after surgery , cling film type dressings blistered and burned around lumpectomy and around area of lymph node removal.Gp gave me melonin but still not very comfortable. Also micropore doesnt keep in place for long any suggestion from a very uncomfortable corsa

Hi Corsa
can your breast nurse help? I has mastectomy 3 weeks ago,no probs with my dressings but I was very squeamish about touching them - my BN offeed to change the steri strps for me etc if it helped. Also had help from the district nurse. Hope you feel more comfortable soon
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I had exact same op done on Tuesday Corsa… and boy have I suffered.
I became red inflamed and raw inside two days with Tegaderm. I asked my partner to get me some other Hypoallergenic dressings from the Chemist.
The Pharmicist wouldn’t sell them as it may have been an infection and he wouldn’t be party to supplying them!

I am not stupid as I could see the wound and area the pad was on was fine - no redness. It was only the area the sticky part came into contact with that was blistered and raw. Opsite was obtained from another Pharmacy and within 24 hours everything improved.

I would suggest if you prefer, go to your hospital or the Doctors surgery, whichever is nearest and they will supply something suitable.
Hope you feel more comfortable soon