Driving to Radiotherapy appts

Hello,  I am starting 15 days of radiotherapy and have a question regarding driving,  I was advised to have hospital transport, but then advised I would be fine to drive and that transport could be time consuming so am a bit unsure,  my husband does not drive and most friends either work or live quite a way from me.  I will have a 45minute drive  each way, at least and probably need to allow an hour for parking as my appointments are in the  middle of the afternoon busy time,     what do you think about driving? should I take advantage of the hospital transport as offered?  many thanks Diane

Hello Diane

I drove myself to most of my 15 appointments (husband insisted on taking me to first and last). Admittedly my drive was only around 20 minutes and parking was initially an issue and then I discovered my radiotherapy unit could admit me through a separate barrier and there was a multi storey I could use: there seemed to be no rhyme or reason as to levels of busyness!

I would suggest it would depend on how much control you want to have, as you say you it sounds like it will take a large chunk out of your day and being dependent on others will add to it. 
The fatigue for me wasn’t immediate as the effects are cumulative and most report a peak around two weeks after treatment finishes 

I hope this is helpful 

AM xxx

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Hello Diane, 

Thanks for posting. 

Hospital transport is usually offered if someone has no other means of getting to and from hospital or on the advice of the treatment team. As you have heard this can take longer than driving yourself,  as there are usually a few a few people to pick up and drop off. 

Many women will drive themselves to their radiotherapy appointments as @am did. Things to consider include whether you feel able to drive and anything associated with driving such as being able to make an emergency stop and the position of the seatbelt across your chest and the treated area. If you do plan on driving check with your car insurance company first to make sure they don’t have any restrictions on your policy for this. 

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Hello Diane,

Firstly wishing you well with your radiotherapy, I also had 15 sessions which can be quite tiring. I would say maybe you could start to drive yourself there and as time goes on if you’re feeling too tired then booking for hospital transport, but on the other hand if you feel that you want to take up the offer, why not pamper yourself be driven there? Some people have a bit of fatigue others sale through it, look after yourself with lots of TLC

Lots of luck going forward big hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

Hi Dianeta
I participated in another thread on this subject in the Radiotherapy section . But to summarise I personally drove to my appointments alone , the drive was 35 - 45 mins depending on traffic and there was a multi storey car park where I was able to get a space every time ( though I was nervous about that ) and park for free. There was also a coffee shop where I could recover for a few minutes after my treatment . I always felt a bit tired immediately after each treatment but after a coffee / bit of cake and a few minutes sit down I was fine for the rest of the day . My fatigue didn’t hit until after the treatment was finished. What I would advise is if possible scope out the journey and parking facilities first . I was so nervous I actually turned up for my first appointment a day early ( apparently it happens regularly !) so that was an unintentional dry run.
The staff were lovely and the treatments weren’t at all unpleasant/ difficult.
Also find out exactly what kind of transport is on offer . One friend was driven both ways in a car by a voluntary driver and that worked well for her.
Best wishes
Joanne x

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