Driving to radiotherapy sessions

Hi, I’m due to have radiotherapy shortly - planning session on 14th April, will have 15 sessions. I’ve had mastectomy and recently completed 6 cycles of EC-T chemo which I coped with very well. I’m not able to have the radiotherapy at a local centre, I will need to travel to a specialist centre which is an 85 mile return trip mainly on busy and congested motorways.

I’m planning to drive myself to the majority of sessions, I am not a good passenger and my husband is not a confident driver on busy motorways! I have limited help from family due to their own circumstances. I also would have concerns if my husband was with me and we got delayed as someone needs to be home for son returning from school.

Is my plan to drive myself realistic? How have you ladies coped with long journeys? I was lucky not to experience tiredness/fatigue with chemo and hope that radiotherapy will be as manageable. Any advice/tips re travel would be appreciated.

Hi there, I had radiotherapy to both sdies last May and, like you, had a 75 mile daily round trip, mostly on the motorway. As a morning person, and used to driving some distance for work, I scheduled my sessions for first thing and didn’t have any problems. Hope you get on well, take care  Sue xx

Hi Katielou,

My round trip for 19 rads sessions wasn’t nearly as long as yours - just 45 miles - but I managed absolutely fine.  Do check out what the parking is like at your centre - like Susu I requested early morning sessions but on the couple of days when I couldn’t be seen until mid-morning, the parking was far and away more stressful than the treatment! They were the only times I wished I’d taken the option of a lift but otherwise not a problem at all.

As the treatment went on I did get progressively more tired but it wouldn’t hit until mid afternoon so I was well home by then and able to nap.  

Hugs and good luck - you’re on the home straight!