Dr's Letter from hospital appt

Dr’s Letter from hospital appt

Dr’s Letter from hospital appt Hi all ,
I got a letter today ,from my Hosp appt last week.
Most of the examination is OK
but then it reads …
'Both breasts seemed exactly the same with some slight nodularity in the outer aspect - both axille were normal … ’

what does that mean ?
He did examined an area that feels like ,well can only be described as a piece of honeycomb, he wondered for a while , then dismissed it as being OK.

There is something that isnt feeling right about my hospital appt last week,I would have been happier if I had had a scan to check properly.

I think I will keep checking for a few more months and maybe go back to the Dr.
I havent got a ‘piece of mind’ yet

Rachel -Nemo-

nodularity Hi Rachel!

Can’t keep away eh?

I looked up nodularity and it said that breasts are made up of nodules especially in the top outer quadrant and is benign. Does that help? It was an American site. I just typed in "nodularity breast "into Google.

But you’ve been posting here long enough to know that we all say you should go back to your doctor straight away if you are still worried and if you would be happier having an ultrasound. It might be you just panicking or it might be your gut instincts trying to tell you something. Either way, check it out and get some of that peace that’s eluding you.

You know that you would tell someone else exactly the same thing!

Good luck and maybe you could switch your colour from red to turquoise tonight to help you get some sleep (now who isn’t taking her own advice i wonder…yawn…)

Love laughter and ranges of volcanoes erupting cyberhugs to envelop you! from P. xx

ultrasound Hello again!

I just remembered another bit off that site - it said that ultrasounds are performed after mammograms when they think there is a cyst because ultrasounds can see whether or not there is fluid in a mass indicating cysts.

I bet you are fast asleep by now!

ultrasound Good morning Rachel!

You seem to have been on my mind all night - I woke up in the middle of the night thinking “What was I thinking of? Nemo didn’t even get a mammo or ultrasound at her check. No wonder she’s still worried” So I’m posting you again to urge you to go back straight away to your GP and get referred to somewhere where they do do ultasounds as part of the three-point check for urgent breast problems. Even if it’s nothing no one can tell for sure from the outside. Do it today and you’ll be seen sooner than the few months you were thinking of monitoring it. Anyway, that gives you more reasons for posting here!

Go girl go!

Heaps more love and cyberhugs from P. xx

hi P Hi P
Was just writing to you then when you posted

Lol, no, cant stay away :slight_smile:

That description of nodularity sounds right, made me smile , you doing research for me in the early hours of the morning ! I didn’t think of Google. Thank you !
You are a world of wisdom & very interesting,I have read a lot of your posts.

I know I would tell someone else to do the same thing,I am really good at being there for anyone else, but not for me , suppose that’s why I came here originally.

‘ultrasounds are performed after mammograms’ I think I am going to do a bit of research myself, I did loads before I went to the Dr’s last time, but didn’t get any answers, probably because I was asking the wrong things. I have learned loads from you,

I think I was fast asleep last night when you posted, albeit the wind was roaring and kept waking me up !

Thanks for the cyberhugs, I caught them all !
Take care

& from your last post ,I dont think I can settle until I go again - I will thanks