Dry and flaky skin

Hi I wonder if anyone can help with a minor thing, I had left-side mastectomy and clearance on 24 April. Have had to have 2 scans since then (one full body, and one CT) at “nuclear medicine”. My affected arm has gone scaly! Putting e45 on it several times a day, but not sure if this is normal. Not started chemo or rads yet. It’s not eczema (can never spell it), and have been drinking loads of water. Have been taking co-codamol some days when nerves in arm really hurt, but apart from that nothing else. Might just be a big coincidence, but all the leaflets about lymphodema say to avoid dry skin, so now worrying about that! So much to worry about, it never stops…

Hi Alice, not that I’m a lot of help but I had WLE and lymph node removal on 20th March and i have noticed too that my skin is very dry. I bought some aloe vera body lotion from Holland and Barrett yeasterday as I saw on another thread here it is good for breast area before rads, I’ve got to have chemo and rads but haven’t started yet but thought i would give the cream a go! Strange isn’t it!
Love Debs xxxx

Cheers Debs, I’ll give it a go. I probably need to boost my skin in prep for chemo and rads. When are you starting chemo? I’m starting FEC-T on 26 May. Have to get results of bone and CT scan tomorrow though, I’m sure my flaky skin is an odd reaction to too much worrying/doing the pretending everything is fine thing.

Good luck with your treatment.

Thanks once again.

Love Alice

Seeing oncologist on 9th June, so some time after then!! Hope your results tomorrow are ok, good luck with that. Let me know how chemo goes, you might be able to give me some tips!
Take care, love Debs xxx