Dry mouth

Can anyone offer any suggestions to ease an extremely dry mouth - I can’t seem to produce enough saliva?? Had my 3rd Fec dose,didn’t have these symptoms after the previous 2 doses although I did get lots of ‘pimples’ on my tongue and it cracked…very painful!
I’ve tried chewing gum, boiled sweets, drinking…
Would love some advice!

i get a gel form my gp on prescription called oral balance made by biotene and its a saliva replacement gel… and it tastes nice.

fresh pineapples are meant to help too


I had the same problem on FEC. I always had a small bottle of water with me to sip regularly when my mouth felt dry, (as well as generally drinking lots of water anyway) I never went anywhere without my bottle!! Sucking fresh pineapple helped, although I found too much was acidic and made my mouth sore, so not too much at a time, just suck slowly. It also helped with the furry, thrush-like mouth. It never went away completely but these things helped.

Hope this helps