Due to start Tax

Hi Everyone
Newbie to this site so please be gentle with me whilst you break me in
I have just finsihed my third cycle of FEC and am due to start Tax on the 6th Aug, I must say I have got through FEc quite smoothly, not saying it was a walk in the park, but it certainly wasn’t at all what I thought.
I have heard such horror stories abou Tax I am begining to get quite anxious. I know we all react differently as I have seen when going for treatment.
Is it truly as bad as I have heard and is there anything I can do to help myself in prep for it.

Hi Kazw66

I’ve just found your post in the “chit chat” section and moved it here so hopefully you’ll get some replies from other forum members soon.

You can also find factsheets here that you might find helpful Search Results | Breast Cancer Now

I wish you the best of luck with your treatment.

Leah BCC

Hi Kazz66
I too had 3 x fec and then went onto tax, I was petrified as had heard such bad stories, I actually posted good vibes needed re tax on here !!! It isnt nearly as bad as I expected, Its not nice I have to be honest but it is do-able , the worst thing I found was the stabbing pains a couple of days after but once I was prepare I asked the Onc for some pain killers and they did the trick, With fec like you I didint really have any major problems bit of nausea but that was preety much it, Tax is very different in lots of ways but dont dread it … If you have any bad s/e,s the Onc will sort them for you.
The only thing I will say is to protect your nails, I used clear varnish with conditioner/protector in and touch wood mine are all still with me, a little strange looking but still adhered to fingers lol , try not to worry too much the fear of the unknown is def worse than the actual thing.
Take care and let us no how you get on , Im 3 1/2 weeks from last tax now and getting to feel better each day, onto Rads from monday for 4 weeks oh the joys

Janice xx

Hi Kazz66
Like you, with hindsight, FEC was “a breeze”!!! (Compared to how I thought it would be!). Taxotere, however, was a different story!!! I personally found it was like being hit by a tank (Compared to being hit by a truck with FEC)!!! But, everyone is different so just take it as it comes. With my 3rd one, my Onc extended my steroids for a few days, gradually reducing the dose, rather thatn just stopping them and I must say this REALLY helped reduce the side effects. See how you go with your first one and then discuss with your team.
Regarding fingernails, mine were fine throughout chemo (I kept them painted very dark purple, as apparently the daylight can affect the nailbed), but 5 of them dropped off 3 MONTHS after completing chemo and the other 5 all went white/yellow/thick half way down. Just when I thought Id escaped!!!
Good luck. And remember its all do able!!!
Mandy xx

Hi, Sorry you’re so worried about TAX but i found it much easier than FEC. I was sure I was dying after my third FEC, so tax was great! The tax-truck, as they say, did kick in after days 3-5 ish, and I laid low in bed but it was so do-able. The worst things with tax were the sore mouth/lack of taste and nail damage!
If you are prescribed white cell stimulant injections to go alongside the tax for the first 8 days (filgrastim), the side effects of this causing bone pains was far greater than the side effects of the tax.

All the best for next week,

Truddles xx

I found FEC quite easy to cope with and had hardly any side effects. I had my first Tax last Friday and have felt bad all week long. So very tired, palpitations, very sore mouth (had sore ulcers with FEC) but this is worse. Generally have no energy and feel weird!
Had hoped to work through maybe the 2nd and 3rd weeks of Tax but if this week is anything to go by I doubt I will manage it.
They do say the first one is the worst though because all the FEC is still in your system, so the next two might not be so bad. I am actually quite shocked at how bad I have been (as have been the rest of the family), but everyone is different and you may well be ok.
Best of luck and keep us posted as to how you get on.
K M x

i to am worrying bout tax even asking onc to keep me on fec as dont like all the stories im hearing :frowning: i no we should wait to see how we go as like a few ladies have had minimal s e on fec just had 2nd fec and felt more emotinal than anythink .gl with tax xxx


I also had 3 FEC and have had 2 tax and much prefer tax. I was very sick on fec and couldn’t move my head for 3 days or I felt sick and vomited for a straight 12 hours each time. Have had aches & tiredness on tax but nothing codeine & 3 days doing nothing doesn’t solve. I liken it to having a bad dose of flu for a couple of days, combined with a sore mouth & little taste for a week. Make sure you drink lots and have strong painkillers to hand and take it easy when you feel weak. Not everyone has a bad reaction so fingers crossed you are like me one of the lucky ones.


Thank you all for your advice,
I am silly really because I was worried like this when I started FEC, my breast nurse and oncologist have been very good and explained Tax in more detail. Like anything we are all different and react differently, I suppose with all what our bodies and minds are going through it hardly suprising we get anxious.
I am ready in my mind for treatment on Monday… BRING IT ON

Good luck ladies
Karen xx

kaz i was like u with fec scared out of my mind and ive had minimal se and just wondering what the tax will do makes me anxious again.just wish could stay on fec x

Hi ladies,

I have had 3 fec and I just got my 1st Tax chemo. i was extremely ill on Fec for 6 days after it I was floored, couldnt get out of bed ,vomitting, fainting etc. I honestly didnt think I could go through it again. However, I went on Thu and got Tax and must say I am 100% better on it. Am a wee bit tired but thats all.
Stay Strong,