Dull Day

Dull Day

Dull Day Good morning, I know its a bit of a dull day but dont let it darken our spirits and try to enjoy it anyway…remember

When you have days where you cannot see through the clouds
of confusion or your heart weighs heavy with dark emotions,
look inwards and focus on letting your inner sun shine, and
dispel those negative thoughts and emotions.

Have a good day to each and eveyone of you


Elaine What lovely words.
Sending you lots of YELLOW thoughts.

love karen x

Hi Elaine
Lovely posting encouraging and helpful.
We all have days like that.
I am having a very busy time just now with loads to do, I had a lovely day yesterday with the ladies i met on the ward when we had our operations we have such a rapport and cheer each other up.
Count myself fortunate having them.

Karen HI, we used to post alot to each other on here. How you doing are you back at work. Interested to know with you being a nursery nurse how your coping.
I havent gone back yet.

Love Ruthxx

Hows it going Hi hows it going, still a little sore I expect, do not forget your excercies and have you got a nice little bag to put your drains in…

Take care