I guess,and know by speaking to other women that I am not the first to get dumptted. Not the 1st time I;ve ever been dumpted, but now irs different and have heard similar stories. OMG, wot else can this strip away

I don’t know what to say as I don’t know your circumstances but I can only imagine how you must feel. In time you will realise that you had a lucky escape hopefully. You must be feeling dreadful things can only get better xxxxxxx Eileen

…and looking at your photo what are you worried about. You’re beautiful…plenty more fish best revenge get well and get out there…I’m not minimising your pain just trying to cheer you up xx Eileen

I’m so very sorry ((((hugs)))). If he couldn’t handle this, he wasn’t worth hanging onto - there’ll be someone better out there, when you are ready for it. Sounds trite, I know - but just hang on in there.


not sure what to say to make you feel better but as others have said you are better off without him! i am going through divorce and did not think things could have got worse after diagnosis but not have divorce to face!!

realy sorry for u and easy 4 us to say hes not worth it…but its true cant have been much of a man not being able to cope with UR cancer…god help the weak excuse of a man if he gets it…forget the sXXX and stick with us lol…